live simply.
by victoria comment


simple dining space with modern hanging light fixture. / sfgirlbybay

do you ever wake up and wonder what it might be like to live more simply? not exactly move to the woods and live a rustic existence, but some semblance of that? just a few belongings that truly mean something to you and the domestic basics you need to get by — a cozy bed, a bath to soak in, a comfortable reading room, books — naturally. all the simple comforts of life. sometimes i think if we had less things then we’d be more apt to love those things we do have much more — treasure the little luxuries instead of wishing for more. these rooms give me that zen kinda vibe and i think i could get there by discarding rather than adding and that’s kind of a refreshing idea for a change, isn’t it?

rustic wood headboard with book storage. / sfgirlbybaysimple modern living room. / sfgirlbybaysimple dining area with white walls and chairs. / sfgirlbybaysimple white washed dining area, / sfgirlbybayshiplap sunroom with modern furnishings. / sfgirlbybayinspiration for living simply. / sfgirlbybaymason jar with kitchen brushes. / sfgirlbybaysimple and modern dining area. / sfgirlbybaywhite washed desk area. / sfgirlbybaywhite washed dining area with vintage furnishings. / sfgirlbybaysimple bohemian modern living room corner. / sfgirlbybaywhite walls with white sofa and art. / sfgirlbybaywhite washed arched desk area. / sfgirlbybaywhite wall with simple art and bench. / sfgirlbybaysimple white-washed bathroom decor. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: aestate studio; urbanite; rue magazine; kinfolk magazine; light locations; black white silver brown; vtwonen; maison empereur; vtwonen; homebase collections; hitta hem; the dashing rider; @countryroadliving; remodelista; atelier rue verte; raw ideas; daniela spector; remodelista; still inspiration for elle decoration; leanne ford interiors; fine little day; casa de sao mamede; @inspirationbylau; tappan collective; john derian.

11 responses to “live simply.”

  1. LOL!! I live in 340 sq. ft. so it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Can’t acquire much in that kind of space. You do, indeed, only keep what matters. It also simplifies the rest of your life as well.

  2. I’m on such a big simplify kick right now with my home and closet and it’s making such a difference on getting dressed and things not getting messy over here. Loving it so far!

  3. Amen to all that! I am in the process of re-imagining my own space as well, and the more I take out the better it feels! Pretty soon I will be sitting in a white box with no belongings at all. #jokingnotjoking

  4. Ugh, these spaces make me want to get out a few bags and start loading my stuff up for Goodwill. Love it. I feel like my headspace would be so much more peace-filled.

  5. I agree about simplifying a bit, but these rooms all seem so bleak, forlorn and have a sadness about them. Interesting though, that despite all that, I do love them. I can imagine experiencing this by the seaside with no distractions and just listening to the quiet and the soft sound of the ocean. Sigh.

  6. I just told my husband I don’t want to buy a big home with a big mortgage and a big remodel!
    I want to build a small home- 1000 sq. feet or less and make it beautifully efficient. I absolutely crave simplicity- I need it for my heckled mind. But I still love beautiful objects around me- ceramics, art, blankets, plants, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever be monastic in my approach but pared down with beautiful items that I love is definitely my style!

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