getting kitschy with it.
by victoria comment


kitschy interior design inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

well, how’s this for cheerful? i thought i’d go to a happy place today and share some rooms where the kitsch level is pretty up there — fun and spunky, no fear of color here. when i was younger i had a pretty intense love of all things kitschy and as i get older it’s mellowed, but i still love a bit of it here and there. a great print like my barkcloth draperies, or some quirky vintage portrait paintings always work well. i probably couldn’t live with this look in every room, but it’s pretty playful for a guest bedroom or perhaps a powder room. get the look by pairing mismatched floral prints, bright colors, funky vintage finds like 40’s & 50’s ceramics and those touristy souvenirs you might normally pass up. there are absolutely no rules here.

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• photography credits in order of appearance: architectural digest espana; print from Reasons: Behind the Scenes of the Design Library via phaidon; 79 ideas; british home store; design*sponge; vintage barkcloth fabric via etsy’s kimberlyz; shabby chic mania; sally breer’s bathroom via rip & tan; galbraith and paul; 79 ideas; marinain blue; freunde von freunden; architectural digest espana; link deco; architectural digest espana; shabby chic mania.

4 responses to “getting kitschy with it.”

  1. I pulled up the definition of kitsch, and found: “considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.” These rooms have lots of pattern and color, which I know is definitely not for everyone, but are they really in poor taste/garish but appreciated with a wink an a nod? Not saying this to be a pill, moreso because I’m curious about how others perceive these rooms. Maybe if your taste falls on the more minimalist, Scandi or California-style side of the spectrum, these looks do indeed come off as kitschy.

    • oh, i don’t mean it in a derogatory way at all. it’s more about the love of a little irony and humor in decor. not meant to be in poor taste at all, and i happen to love a little kitsch!

  2. I love these rooms – not every one equally but there is something appealing in each of them. I do not understand how lack of color became fashionable. These rooms (except for the all-white ones) are joyful.

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