friday finds.
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 bright, fresh dining area inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

just as the sun will always rise and set, it’s friday again, and not a minute too soon. as i mentioned on monday, it’s been quite a week and i’m ready to step away from the computer and spend some time outdoors. for all the talk of racism this week, i feel so fortunate for my diverse neighborhood. i go to echo park lake and walk around with lucy and it’s a mix of cultures — latino, korean, chinese, white, black — all of us happy to be enjoying our neighborhood park, smiling and greeting each other, chatting. it’s a wonderful sense of community, and i think that’s why all this hatred affects me so much — i just can’t grasp how we got here, but i also know there’s a bubble of privilege i’ve lived in most of my life so i’m trying to understand more about that. but i love the diversity here and it’s part of why i moved to east los angeles. i relish going to the park, seeing how people of other cultures treat their children with love and kindness, their elders with so much respect — i see them walking with their grandparents, holding hands and it warms my heart. i see little brothers and sisters sweetly taking care of each other, helping their parents. i admire and cherish my neighbors. i don’t know if they feel the same about me, but i hope so. and i hope people everywhere can learn more about each other, learn to love our differences and learn something about themselves in the process. have a restful weekend everyone. xo, victoria

  1. i love the feeling of this bright, fresh dining area — seems like the perfect place to start your day over coffee and breakfast.
  2. i know i’m slightly obsessed with Serena Mitnik Miller’s Topanga Canyon Home, but it too feels like a place i could really see myself living.
  3. i would love to have wide welcoming french doors out to my backyard like this kitchen dining space — so light and airy and lovely to let the garden greenery inside.
  4. this is such a pretty sunny little nook, and it’s quirky, but i rather like the pendant lamp just unexpectedly resting there on the table.
  5. this vignette designed by lorenzo castillo is so lovely. i love everything about the artful pairings here.
  6. this collection of Hand woven trinkets and experiments from the studio of Australian textile artist Helle Jorgensen is really uniquely wonderful, too.
  7. this is a genius idea for a home dining booth. and it’s DIY, too — a beautiful mess shows you how to create your own channel-tufted banquette, with storage too.

Serena Mitnik Miller’s Topanga Canyon Home. / sfgirlbybay

french doors out to backyard off kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

modern home with sunny little nook. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring vignette designed by lorenzo castillo. / sfgirlbybay

Hand woven trinkets via Helle Jorgensen. / sfgirlbybay

diy channel-tufted banquette via a beautiful mess. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Exactly! The very reason my husband and I are chomping at the bit to move to East L.A. Only 2 more years for our youngest to finish high school and then we are moving to our little bungalow in Silver Lake, currently rented out. I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!! I hope to see you, my fellow bohemian, in the hood :D

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