skies the limit.
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tall ceilings with vintage ceiling medallions and modern decor. / sfgirlbybay

i adore my california craftsman bungalow style home — its sloped, open beamed white ceilings are a big part of what sold me. but sometimes, i miss the grandeur of the really tall ceilings you could find in san francisco victorians or a brooklyn brownstone — tall and usually not without those incredibly ornate crown moldings. these spaces fit that bill — beautiful sky-high ceilings and very often accented with a bold choice of paint on their walls to accentuate those killer moldings. plus, these taller rooms allow for some statement-making pendant lighting, and those pretty ceiling medallions. you can fake that look — faux medallions abound so go ahead and add a great light fixture and get the look — fake it ’til you make it to your very own sky-high ceilings.

white walls with tall ceilings and ornate moldings. / sfgirlbybaygray walls with tall ceilings and ornate moldings. / sfgirlbybaybold wall paint with tall white ceilings with ornate moldings. / sfgirlbybayportrait paintings in bedroom with tall ceiling and chandelier. / sfgirlbybaybold teal walls with tall ceilings. / sfgirlbybaybold walls paired with ornate crown moldings and ceiling medallion. / sfgirlbybayornate crown molding and ceiling medallion. / sfgirlbybaywhite walls with tall ceilings and ornate molding. / sfgirlbybayblue molding and tall ceiling with ornate medallion. / sfgirlbybaytall white walls with ornate ceiling medallion and pink light fixture. / sfgirlbybaytall ceilings with bold blue wall color. / sfgirlbybayvintage modern decor with white walls and tall ceiling. / sfgirlbybay ornate fireplace white white walls and tall ceiling. / sfgirlbybaytall ceilings with ornate moldings and modern light fixture. / sfgirlbybay

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