sf girl is getting a new look + a shop!
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hello readers! i have some big news for you, but i don’t want you to freak out! okay? okay! so, behind the scenes, we’ve been redesigning the site and it’s getting a completely new look and feel. i have loved the site the way it looks now, but we all grow and change and with it, our taste and style, so honestly i’ve been feeling the need for an updated look for a while now. and, with my move to los angeles where i’ve put down roots in my new home, i felt the site needed to represent my sunny new digs, too. so, with that said — i really hope you’ll like the new look and won’t miss the old site too much — the content won’t change — except to hopefully be improved upon, which is always the goal in mind. we should be launching in a few weeks, along with a few surprises i’ve been hinting at but keeping under my hat — we’re launching a brand new shop on the site with unique, one of a kind vintage treasures we scoured the french flea markets for. i’ve partnered with vintage expert extraordinaire Elsie Green to curate a collection specifically geared towards that modern bohemian vibe we here at sf girl know and love. the sf girl shop will be called super marché and i can’t wait to share all the beautiful homewares and furniture we’ve collected for you!

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but in the meantime, while we tweak the new site’s final bits and bobs, i thought i’d share with you some of the inspirational images i’ve been collecting to get us to where the new design was at long last, finally finalized. part of the fun for me (and the struggle!) in designing a new site is collecting inspiration and then narrowing down my ideas and coming up with that final design. but i love so many aspects of design that i needed the help of my creative director and designer suzanne shade to explore ideas with me, and guidance of the backend designer jenny Volvovski of ALSO to get me where i needed to be in a practical and technical way. you’ll definitely notice quirky notes of wes anderson who endlessly inspires me, and a new color palette and typefaces for a much cleaner look overall. we’re working to make navigation even easier while keeping much of the existing features — like resources for example. the mobile version of the site will be much easier on the eyes, too. so, here’s some of the inspiration i’ve been gathering and gleaning. also — if there’s anything you’d like to see on the new site, do let me know — your input is invaluable to me, and if there’s something you love to see more (or less) of, please comment below and we’ll take all recommendations into consideration. i’m so excited and cannot wait to share all this newness with you! xo, victoria

website redesign inspirational images. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I’d love to see and hear about your new cookbook club. Would you do a feature every month about how it’s going and especially what you chose to cook from the book and how it worked out. I know cooking isn’t the thing here, but I think it would make a great occasional addition.

  2. Oh!! what a good news!!! We love your blog but is necessarily a new look, and this color palette and inspiration is so so beautiful, it will be wonderful! I make webs and I love the previous work of inspiration…

  3. I’ve been a part-time reader for so many years it scares me to say (11…??)! I actually linked to your blog on the very first post on my blog in 2007! I no longer maintain that space, but I love seeing what the ‘elder stateswomen’ of blogging are up to and how hard y’all continue to work.

    Freshness is GOOD! decor8 just revamped and I love that Holly continues to be committed to that space and keeps it updated and always evolving. Same for you, I remember this last refresh and look forward to the new one. Yes, this current version is not great on a mobile device, so I look forward to those updates. Some things that I think when I stop by here sometimes are, what are YOU about rather than the reposts of other peoples interiors, that formula has been used for a long time – so a store seems like a good way to turn that corner a bit! The other thing I know you thought about when you moved is the name, it is your brand and still works, but just doesn’t feel right anymore. And the ad space though I am sure necessary has a bit of a dated feel compared to ways people are handling advertising now days compared to a few years ago. I am quite sure you have reconsidered all of these, you are a smart woman – but that’s my input since you asked. :)

    Kudos to you for staying in this space so long and being successful! Reinvention is difficult, but always rewarding.

    • thanks for being such a long time reader, DeAnn! and thank you for your comments – it’s much appreciated! there will be a lot less ads on the site now (none between posts!) and mostly from small businesses/independent designers.

      and it does seem as though y’all like it when i post more personal stories, and shares of my home so i will put myself out there a little more (it’s not my nature, but i’ll try!). i only have so many spots to share in my home – but hopefully a kitchen revamp, soon! and i think my bedroom needs an update! ;) coming soon. thanks again for your insights! :)

  4. So excited about your “remodel”, so to speak. I’m in the middle of a remodel of my own….remodeling my mom’s house for the hubs and I to move into. I know all the stress and indecision you are experiencing. It seems like every day brings a new problem requiring yet another decision until you are ready to pull your hair out. It sounds like you are on roughly the same timetable as I am so we will each have a glorious new space at about the same time. I can’t wait to see both of them! AND a shop! Yahoo!

  5. Victoria! What wonderland and exciting news! The first glimpse here looks gorgeous, I love love love the colors and can’t wait to see the end result, congratulations! Hugs!

  6. I live in Australia and going to SFgirlbybay is a daily hit for me. Love it as it is but, like everything, there’s always an element of change.

  7. Beautiful moodboards! I’m sure your new blog will be awesome – very vintage like! Can’t wait to see it and your shop! I wish you all the very best!

  8. Your site is lovely now, but your new mood boards will add more of “you.” My suggestion would be to run the Wear This There feature only once or twice a month — the constant reminder that it’s Friday makes me feel like time is rushing by way too fast (I feel this way with any feature that runs the same day every week). Also, your emails feature every article twice.

  9. I know it will be awesome. I went through the last update with you years ago. You just keep getting better and better!! ♥️

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