charmed, i’m sure.
by victoria comment


modern kitchen with natural decor. / sfgirlbybay

there’s something so very comforting about kitchens, right? it’s where everybody gravitates at the party — almost as if sense memories of all those good smells from our childhood kitchens lure us there unconsciously. and then, add those old world vibes to a modern kitchen and you just can’t help but want to spend more time cooking. i love an eclectic, almost European feeling kitchen — open shelving exposing our treasured serving pieces — perhaps a french press, cookbooks and favorite ceramic coffee cups. there’s some emotional connection i get in kitchens like these, and the cooking itself seems much more effortless. just add fresh ingredients from the farmers market, a nice wine, some great friends and kitchens like these can’t help but feel good all over.

open shelving with eclectic dishware and kitchen accessories. / sfgirlbybay modern kitchen with marble countertops and ceramic dishware. / sfgirlbybay simple wood framed art prints in modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybay kitchen decor and accessories inspiration. / sfgirlbybay modern geometric tile backsplash and gold pendant lamps. / sfgirlbybay teal ceramic bowl on poured concrete countertops. / sfgirlbybay ceramic dishes on open wood shelves in kitchen. / sfgirlbybay vibrant citrus tree. / sfgirlbybaywoven pendant lamp and wood lower kitchen cabinet doors with tiled floors. / sfgirlbybay wire baskets hanging from tree branch in rustic kitchen. / sfgirlbybay plywood kitchen cabinets. / sfgirlbybay simple kitchen with poured concrete floors and countertops. / sfgirlbybay inspiring ceramic dishes and kitchen accessories on open shelves. / sfgirlbybay black pendant lights in sunny modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: turbulences deco; society6; hungry ghost; inside out magazine; jennings hotel; pho london; stephen kent johnson; paula greif ceramics; amilita the label; arqui trecos; @_annalouise._; ledansla; @katiehackworth; saar manche; lauren arlene; these tings take time; glamour paris; a guide to getting lost; domino; style juicer; sunday suppers; style juicer; bricks studio.

6 responses to “charmed, i’m sure.”

  1. Oh I recognize fellow Portlander Emily Katz’ kitchen in the “these tings take time” picture. And of course, I love Anna Louise’s kitchen too!
    Man I wish my house was half as bright. But I’m working on it, in my little rented bungalow.
    Thank you for the constant inspiration Victoria!

  2. I love kitchens with morning sun. Ambition for another day we’ve been given. But also kitchens with the light of the setting sun. Accomplishment of another day we’ve worked hard. Kitchens provide nourishment for our bodies and souls. We should all be thankful and respect the fact that we are blessed with bounty.

  3. I am delighted to see the use of handmade ceramics in so many of the kitchens you show. Of course, as a porcelain potter, I am biased!
    I have collected functional pottery, both from my line and from potters across the world. These pieces add delight to my daily life and ceremony to the simplest meals. The feel of each pot, the little details and the choices that each potter has made give me a heartwarming connection to the artists.
    I enjoy my electronics and the new ways of communicating, but there is something viscerally satisfying about the art I have chosen for my environment!

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