welcome to the brand new sf girl.
by victoria comment


an all new sfgirlbybay site redesign & new shop

welcome friends!! as i announced a week or so ago, we’ve been working hard on a brand new blog look for you, as well as the launch of my new online shop, super marché! i do hope you’ll love the new site as much as i do, and if it takes a little bit of getting used to — i understand. change is challenging! it’s a little bit quirky (like me) but it’s been a labor of love and without the talented help of my designer suzanne shade and my web developer jenny volvovski of ALSO, it would not have been made possible. so i want to give a sincere shout out to them for their extreme patience with my many indecisions! and now, it’s for you to peruse and enjoy! and if you should run into any glitches, please do alert me. it’s known to happen when you launch a new site and we want to take care of those pesky troubles right away and are on standby to help!

sfgirlbybay's new super marché shop

and as for super marché, i couldn’t be more excited to launch this long time dream of mine! i’ve collaborated with vintage aficionado Elsie Green to curate a collection specifically geared towards that modern bohemian vibe we here at sf girl know and love. We’ve scoured the flea markets of Southern France hand-picking vintage treasures previously loved, all with a unique history or a sentimental story to tell and can’t wait to see these treasures in your own homes and how you make them uniquely you — giving them your own very personal je ne sais quoi, so to speak. We hope these items bring you great joy and would be most honored if you shared on Instagram and tagged your photos #shopsupermarché.

sfgirlbybay's brand new shop / super marché

A few things to help you navigate the new site: there are just five main categories and as you might expect, click on them and all past posts in that category will pop up for you! but if you’d like to find something quicker, just use the search bar in the upper right corner and enter some key tag words (like vintage or pink for instance). the carousel in the blog header is my visual playground and i’ll be curating those ‘gallery’ images on a regular basis — you know, just for fun and inspiration! you can easily navigate back and forth from the blog to the shop (and vice versa) and your shopping cart will be accessible from both the blog and the shop, as well. you might like to subscribe to our newsletter which will launch soon. we’re planning on keeping you up to date (but not too often!) on what’s new in super marché, on the blog and in the world — some interesting, unexpected stuff you might not know about — maybe a new song, or an art exhibit, or a video. or maybe what’s for dinner. again, my hope is that you’ll all just have a swell time with the new site and that will make me happy to no end! Mercí beaucoup!

xo, victoria

• photography by leslie santarina for sf girl.

54 responses to “welcome to the brand new sf girl.”

  1. Love the new look Victoria and am positively drooling over the items in your shop. That daybed for one! Sadly Cape Town is a little far or would snap it up. Well done, it looks awesome!

  2. Wow!! I absolutely love it – the fonts, the colours – EVERYTHING! And how exciting re your shop (this could be dangerous!) – congratulations!

  3. Victoria, I love your new site! It suits you so much. The shop is lovely curated and photographed as well. You should be proud! Much love, Jonne

  4. New site and shop is SO, SO GOOD!! You’re my first stop every morning and this was a lovely way to start Monday. Now I just need to avoid the temptation to buy all the pretty vintage!

  5. Looks beautiful, great work! Different enough to make a statement but similar enough so it still feels like you. Excited to check out super marché this spring when the [much anticipated] time comes to design the interior of my new house! Your inspirational posts have been prepping me for years :)

  6. Love your blog….but the prices in the shop are very expensive! As much as I love everything, it is all out of my reach! Unfortunately, we just don’t earn enough :(

  7. Blow me away. You nailed it. Killed it, in fact. The subtle details simply shine, from the new font and color palette to the sustained homage to sf. You will always be our girl. Plus the addition of the lowercase hand lettering – it all sings beautifully. I love the look & feel fits so snugly with your new collaborative Super Marché effort with Laurie. BTW, the product photography is superb. Can I ask who is doing this for you and Laurie? All in all, Bravo Victoria! You never cease to amaaaaaaze.

    • Hi Yvonne, and thank you so much! It really was a collaborative effort between me, Laurie Furber and the Elsie Green team, my designers Suzanne Shade and Jenny Volvoski of ALSO. And the product photography was done by a couple of people as well – Philippine Scali (@philippinescali) and Leslie Santarina (@spottedsf). Thank you!!

  8. ummmmm….super excited for you; but there’s definitly display issues. I’m running Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6 on Chrome 60.0.3112.101

    I’m not a tech-y person; so i don’t know how to describe what’s happening, but the hand-drawn bag at the top is HUGE, the arrow is HUGE, and all the images are hard-left justified. The comments look off (like old school blue hot links??) and i don’t think any of the fonts are loading??

    • EEP! Thanks for letting us know, Kiki! Have you updated your Browser to the latest version? And then clear your cache and restart? I’m going to let my tech person know ASAP. Thank you!

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