fantastic feathery foliage.
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feather floral arrangements. / sfgirlbybay

my oh my — is this ever stunning! i just had to share this quite brilliant floral design i saw on lenzo created by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist, and photographed so beautifully by river and fern. i’d probably not have thought to add feathers* to a flower arrangement but isn’t this just something magical? in addition, i saw that feathers are on trend, via this hilarious little video from a young fashionista, @katieryan430. she’s ahead of the curve to be sure! lenzo is an australian-based one-stop-shop party, wedding and events marketplace + directory — to see more of this pretty and very inspiring party visit lenzo.

*kindly note: i’ve just been told these are actually pampas grass flowers, not feathers! nonetheless, so beautiful! thank you, smart readers!

feather floral arrangements by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybayunique wedding florals and decor by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybaywedding decor and floral arrangements by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybayfeathered floral arrangements by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybayorchids and feather floral arrangements by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybayfloral arrangement by bespoke Butcher Baker Stylist. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by river and fern for lenzo.

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  1. These are gorgeous, but I think they’re pampas grass flowers, not actual feathers. Just pointing it out in case anyone wants to try to replicate the look.

  2. These actually aren’t feathers – it’s a type of Pampas grass! This is a design element from the 70s/80s, and I do love it but damn do they shed!

  3. Yes. Idea is from the 70’s. When dried flower arrangements were so popular. Personally, I had an old tall watering can full of them mixed with a peacock feather or two. And yes they shed all over the place, so placing on a table with food is pretty in a pic, but questionable if really eating that food. The pink is lovely though.

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