midnight at the oasis.
by victoria comment


exotic wall mural behind bed. / sfgirlbybay

don’t ask me why, but as i was writing this post, that song midnight at the oasis popped into my head and would not depart. i’d been wanting to do a post about these exotic wallpaper prints and murals i keep seeing popping up all over the place and they do project an ‘oasis’ kind of vibe — so that’s my only explanation: my subconscious simply started humming that tune. but i digress — i love the look of these wild prints and had i the perfect powder room i could see plastering up one of these beauties. they’d also look great behind a bed, as a rather exotic looking headboard. you can source exotic murals of all kinds at ananbo and justina blakeney has her own take on the modern palm available at hygge and west. then of course, there’s the timeless classic banana leaf motif of the Martinique wallpaper of the beverly hills hotel fame. these prints almost make you feel as though you’re on a tropical holiday, and yet you’re simply vacationing in your very own home.

vintage oasis sign. / sfgirlbybay exotic black and white palm print wallpaper. / sfgirlbybayliving room with black and white tropical mural. / sfgirlbybay exotic wall murals and prints. / sfgirlbybay exotic wall mural. / sfgirlbybay moody bedroom with exotic wall mural. / sfgirlbybay exotic green wall mural inspiration. / sfgirlbybayblack and white exotic wall mural behind bed. / sfgirlbybay banana palm leaves. / sfgirlbybay exotic palm print wallpaper inspiration. / sfgirlbybaywhite sofa with black and white exotic wall mural. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Nice throwback to Maria Muldaur! Haha! We heard her by surprise open for another band at a bay area venue in 1995. She still had the singing chops. We were blown away impressed. And yes, she sang Midnight At The Oasis. That song is going to be stuck in my head all day now!! :D

  2. Hi Iam wanting a feature wall in both lounge area and main bedroom of palm trees subtle colours I saw what I would like in a shop it’s Florida USA inspired. Do not want large pattern.

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