peace for all.
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peace for all / sfgirlbybay

honestly, i don’t know quite what to say to you all, but yet again i find myself wanting to say something because ignoring this latest tragedy seems naive. we can’t just go on looking at pretty pictures, can we? i mean we have to but i’m sure you’re feeling much like me and thinking it feels a little bit shallow at a time like this when our country (our world) is grieving so much. and then i think, well that’s giving in to this terrorism, isn’t it? and i want to try not to do that. yesterday i was a ball of mess. i couldn’t focus, i cried most of the day and felt pretty well broken. and i wasn’t even directly affected like the poor families that were torn apart, forever shattered in one way or another. senseless sorrow that doesn’t have to keep happening. i am tired of hearing from our government that nothing can be done. Tragedies like this one don’t happen in other countries with stricter gun laws. it’s proven. and you can’t tell me that anybody in this country needs an semiautomatic weapon to protect themselves or their families. it’s utterly senseless to say that, so you can have your 2nd amendment but we have to have stricter laws to keep our world safe. jkrowling had this to wisely point out, and  jimmy kimmel was so logical to me the other night when he tearfully spoke. he called out the senators who are in the pocket of the NRA, and asked for common sense and action from our elected officials to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. there are some things you do if you feel the same — you can join everytown against gun violence or americans for responsible solutions. i’m not here to lecture, and if you disagree, i’m sorry, but i cannot keep hearing that there’s nothing we can do to stop this and i refuse to believe we simply have to accept this is our new normal. we can also be kinder to each other, we can love our families harder. we really just to do better as a country and as human beings. stay safe my friends. perhaps listen to this beautiful song, grieve and do what you need to do to get through this, but then i hope you’ll help fight to stop the cause of all this unnecessary sorrow.

xo, victoria

• iconic poster by artist jean carlu.

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  1. thanks for your words. there seems to be this sentiment (from some gun owners) that these high powered guns are for our own safety and protection, but they sure didn’t help save anyone in this latest incident. or any other that i know of. i guess i don’t understand the logic.
    i appreciate that you acknowledge the event. it does seem somehow shallow to pretend like nothing’s happened. but we do have to go on living our lives at the same time. i don’t really have anything to add. just that it’s heartbreaking and frustrating and all those things, as you say. xo

    • same. i don’t want to get too political here, but i’m confident our founding fathers had no foreseeable idea about automatic weapons designed to make killing a lot of people faster and easier. xo

  2. Hear, hear! Thank you Victoria! Beautiful, tearful, heartful and thought filled post! Thank you for your words.

  3. I feel numb which is an understandable but perhaps negative response to this latest tragedy. I find myself skimming through websites of beauty that once brought me joy. I feel like their is no end in sight until we have meaningful gun legislation. And I’m not sure that is possible. So I feel somewhat hopeless tonight. Open to positive reinforcement and messages of hope.

  4. Thank you so much for the depth of this post. i love all of your beautiful images but i need to hear other peoples thoughts on what actions we can take . I am in my 60s and like everyone, i have had my heart broken and survived the deaths of loved ones and been lucky enough to land on the optomistic side of life. This is different kind of heart ache. Its hard to wrap my head around all of the many senseless traumas we are all going through. Don’t get me wrong-i write letters and attend marches and will continue to do so. I want, so badly, to believe , that this is the last gasp of right wing politics and we will prevail and live in a healthier society with commonsense and compassion as our guide. but its just really f… hard right now

    • thank you, barbara. i am almost your age, too so i understand what you write of. it’s hard to keep believing some days especially. they’re making it very hard for us to have faith. but i think that’s what they’re counting on – the NRA just thinks we’ll get apathetic and let them keep up their literal ambush on our country. stay strong. xx

  5. thank you victoria ;)
    i was feeling so crushed today and knew that if i came here this afternoon, I’d find some much needed nuggets.
    i called my senators yesterday to implore for action from congress.
    i don’t know where this is going and what will help, but like you, i needed to take some action to feel that something… anything might help. rise up.

    • aw, thank you Yvonne. i called Paul Ryan’s office, and Adam Schiff’s office too and actually got through to real live people. wherein I started crying, begging them to ban these semiautomatic weapons and vote against the upcoming bill for silencers. i don’t know if it did any good, but we have to try to get through to them. little by little or maybe we just all need to show up in force. i don’t know but this needs to stop.

  6. Thank you, Victoria, for posting this…I agree with every word…something has to be done to stop this madness. The gun control issue needs to be addressed immediately but the deeper issues need to be addressed as well, which is the despair and hopelessness so many humans in the U.S. feel. It is a tragedy that people feel so lost and isolated and fearful.

  7. Thank you.
    100% agree with you. I’m discontinuing most of my decorating bloggers: redundant, and shallow. To me. After this. Your statement is the closest to how I feel, and you are right on. We can’t sit back. We can look at ” pretty things” for a short time, and then get moving!! We have work to do!
    No automatic or semi-automatic guns!

  8. Thank you. Every time, it is so disheartening to see the backlash and rising gun stocks. As if “the right to bear arms” means the right to stockpile as many semiautomatic weapons and bump stocks and silencers as you want. As if US civilians need to own 42% of the world’s firearms. But every time I see a post like this or a thoughtful comment, it gives us a little bit of hope–and, hopefully, a little more of the grassroots support we need to enact sensible gun-control laws.

    • thank you, Elizabeth. i never know quite what to say, so i just spoke from the heart, and my head. because it just makes no sense to me that these kinds of guns can be bought and sold.

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