is pampas grass the floral du jour?
by victoria comment


maybe i’ve been living under a rock, because all of a sudden pampas grass is everywhere and the only place i’d ever noticed it before was on the side of southern california freeway onramps. i posted about this beautiful installation (in which i was humiliated to find out they were not boa feathers, as I had originally thought, but indeed pampas grass, which was kindly pointed out by a couple of readers) and since then i’m seeing it everywhere.  you know how that happens — you hear of something for the first time and then you start noticing it everywhere you go. anyway, it certainly is popular these days — for wedding and event decorations (pampas chandelier, anyone?) and as an update on the tried and true dried flower around the house. it’s definitely pretty — so feminine and flowy, and some of these unique uses of it are really beautiful.

• photography credits in order of appearance: vogue france; rose dawn creative; home life; wedding sparrow; signature maui; @wolf_circus; could i have that.

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