on trend: the blues.
by victoria comment


daybed with blue upolstery. / sfgirlbybay

i’ve shared all about blue before, but i just keep seeing more and more of it popping up in the design world and i’d definitely say it’s on trend. but blue’s a pretty traditional classic, too, so perhaps were’ just giving it a modern update. velvet is also definitely trending (in fashion, and in decor) and the blue jewel tones (think sapphires!) lend themselves well to the richness of the fabric and they pair well together — like the beautiful vintage velvet crapaud chair with fringe we picked up for the shop at a flea market in lyon. i love blue paired with pink (like the abstract piece below) and mustard yellow is dreamy, too. whether you add a bit of blue through artwork, a beautiful piece of furniture, or a bold accent wall of ceiling to floor paint, it’s going to look great, and whether on trend or not, i think blue has long lasting legs that aren’t going away anytime soon.

art print with rich blue mixed with yellow, pink and black. / sfgirlbybayrich blue wall paint. / sfgirlbybaypale blue wall paint. / sfgirlbybayvintage teal chair with fringe. / sfgirlbybayblack and white floors with pale blue chair rail and door. / sfgirlbybayblue accents. / sfgirlbybaydeep blue bedroom walls. / sfgirlbybayblue velvet sofa. / sfgirlbybayshades of blue fabric. / sfgirlbybayblue decor accents. / sfgirlbybayblue velvet dining banquette. / sfgirlbybayrich blues mixed with florals. / sfgirlbybayglass pendant lamps and blue dining bench. / sfgirlbybaymodern blue tufted daybed. / sfgirlbybaydeep blue wall and curatins. / sfgirbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: casa midy; Patricia Treib’s housecoat; lonny; johnny miller photography; vintage velvet crapaud chair from super marché; showhome; gahm interior; benoit pailley photography; 16house; revistaad; the urbanite; muuto; entrance makleri; live loud girl; coriumcasa; lonny; @timmelideo; @henrybourne; auro; elle decoration; est magazine; Dolce & Gabbana; geminola; revistaad; nicest interiors; au pays des merveilles.

4 responses to “on trend: the blues.”

  1. Oh, I love blue. It is my absolute favourite colour. Velvet is also a favourite and I’m so happy that blue velvet items are on trend right now because it means I can stock up! The downside is that everybody will think my home is terribly dated once the trend has passed, but I can live with that as long as I have the blue velvet to console myself

  2. Lovely post, we think blue is timeless and can see why its the most popular favourite colour for most people!
    Beautiful interiors, we will be sure to include blue in our next wallpaper collection!
    Laura – Surface House

  3. 9 times of of 10..it’s you that catches my eye…
    and I have good taste and also spent the mid to late 70’s
    in SF.l.. Keep doing your thing

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