friday finds.
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pink toile wallpaper. / sfgirlbybay

it’s been such a mentally challenging week i guess i’m throwing caution to the wind with this week’s friday finds. i’m sharing some pretty eccentric and eclectic decor discoveries, so please indulge me. sometimes you just need to let loose and use your imagination to have a little fun, thinking outside traditional decorating, and i think perhaps there’s a good chance i was inspired by my post yesterday about accidentally wes anderson. regardless of how i came to round these up, i hope you have a good time with them. here’s to the weekend everyone! xo, victoria

  1. this is avante garde room, isn’t it? but i kinda really love that pink nautical toile wallpaper and what looks to be a ship-inspired chandelier. i have no clue why the basketball is in there.
  2. this article from apartment therapy says ‘move over, Minimalism: The New Victorian Look is On the Rise’. and it may well be — i’m seeing a lot more eclecticism out there — like this eccentric place hunte’s Garden in Barbados.
  3. could you go this madcap with color? turquoise walls and rosy pink rugs really make a statement and when they look this great i’m almost tempted.
  4. this guest suite at uva do monte (or blueberry farm) is over the top charming. i’d love to stay here on my next visit to portugal.
  5. another beautiful and unique daybed — i love the color palette and the simple, spareness of the rest of the room making the daybed really standout.
  6. this room is really ornate, but doesn’t it make you happy? i love the layered colors, textures, and patterns — even if i couldn’t live in it, i like looking at it!
  7. architectural digest espana always shares some pretty colorful and eclectic decor and this room is no exception. i get endless inspiration from this magazine.

hunte's Garden in Barbados. / sfgirlbybay turquoise walls and a pink rug. / sfgirlbybay guest suite at uva do monte. / sfgirlbybay unique and beautiful wood daybed. / sfgirlbybay ornate room with blue walls and rattan chair. / sfgirlbybay eclectic decor via architectural digest espana. / sfgirlbybay

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