friday finds.
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beads hung above lovely vignette. / sfgirlbybay

TGIF. as i mentioned, L.A. has been hotter than hell this week and it’s supposed to be fall, gosh darnit. i almost got my kiddie pool out today, if i’d had time to go for a float, but alas no — ’tis the busy season! so i’m grateful it’s friday and i’ve got the weekend to catch up on household chores. oh, and did i mention i’m getting new hardwood flooring in my kitchen? well i am, and the work should be done today, so i’ll share very soon! happy weekend, everyone! xo, victoria

  1. i love everything about this little vignette. lovely styling and i’m really into beads as accessories lately. i just picked some up from elsie green and will share soon.
  2. i’m so into rattan of late (well, i guess it’s been a long while to be truthful) and this pair of chairs are killer! going to keep my eyes open in france for some like these for super marché.
  3. these doors look shorter than the average height, but i love them nonetheless. perhaps their height or lack thereof is what adds to their charm.
  4. this is smashing little nook — the perfect saarinen tulip chair and table paired with argyle checkerboard floors. swoon!
  5. i love this chair, too and while it’s not rattan it’s got those simply marvelous danish modern lines — they get me every time.
  6. more beads as decor accessory!! see how swell they look just dangling there so sweetly? i love this whole look — effortlessly cool.
  7. this is a very serene and simply stylish living room. i love the mix and the basket pendant lamp sets it all up perfectly.
  8. and this living room gives me envy, too. it’s very monochromatic but the blend of shapes, textures and textiles makes the room.

rattan chairs. / sfgirlbybayunique white double door entryway. / sfgirlbybayblack and white decor. / sfgirlbybaydanish modern chair with mustard cushion. / sfgirlbybaybeads as wall decor and pink potted cacti. / sfgirlbybaybasket pendant lamp in simple stylish living room. / sfgirlbybaymonochromatic living room. / sfgirlbybay





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  1. I stack artwork in the same way, however, mine is not as deliberate. I’am just waiting to hang them. No more! I am going to embrace the stacking + leaning!

  2. I love your curated pictures on the blog. May I suggest that you make the photos linked so it goes to the source when clicked? You have good taste!

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