happy halloween!
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a couple of years ago, i attended my friend’s annual halloween pumpkin carving party — such a good idea for a get together! they removed the furniture from the living room, taped down drop cloths, provided a whole bunch of carving tools, and we all showed up with pumpkins and went to town. this particular year, i needed some inspiration (was a very creative crowd, so it was game on!) and i decided to go a little non-traditional — with a white pumpkin and some polka dots. also, easy. i found my inspiration everywhere, from Life Magazine’s 1952 Polka Dot House, to this print by anna barriball; even this image from collage artist Hugo Barros below. dots galore.

spooky black and white photo of dome with polka dot ceiling. / sfgirlbybay black and white polka dot inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

pumpkin carving parties are super fun — and not just for little kids. we grown-ups had a blast getting creative with our pumpkins. lay down some Canvas painting Drop Cloths, put out some buckets for the pumpkin pulp and seeds (oh, and save those seeds for roasting later) and a whole bunch of Pumpkin Carving tools and you’re good to go. oh, and probably some food and drink — our hosts made an amazing risotto, added salad, pizza, beer and wine. easy-peasy. happy halloween, everyone!

white pumpkin with dots carved out for halloween. / sfgirlbybay white pumpkins with polka dot carvings for halloween. / sfgirlbybay halloween jackolanterns. / sfgirlbybay


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  1. HAHA! Too funny! Victoria, kooky minds think alike. My Halloween post yesterday was titled “Holey Pumpkin!” about making pumpkin muffins using the polka dot cutouts from a carved pumpkin. I love your use of the white pumpkin. Very original ;)

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