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welcome to what’s almost the thanksgiving week! it seems kind of quiet out there, everyone readying their holiday tables and ordering up their turkeys. i’m having a hard time coming to terms that it’s already november, and because i head to france on wednesday to hunt vintage finds for super marché it hasn’t really hit me that the holidays are suddenly here. so, instead of feastly preparations, this week’s friday finds, i’m all about the feminine. sometimes i’m just in the mood to get girly. anyway, have a look and have a splendid weekend!

xo, victoria

  1. could you go bold and paint your walls pink? and then create a super chic gallery of pretty paintings to display on said pink wall? when it looks as good as this gallery featured on the design files, i say oh yes!
  2. i love everything about the organized, yet pretty style of this shelving unit. i need something like this in my guest room — it’s becoming clear that room needs to double as an office storage space, but i need it to look decent!
  3. i’m such a fan of british stylist emily chalmers and her funky, vintage-inspired bathroom is so charming. and an easy and inexpensive look to create with a few vintage postcards or prints. just add a pink striped towel!
  4. i just love this naturally hand-dyed pillowcase DIY from a beautiful mess. i’m a sucker for this kind of cotton fringe trim anyway, so they had me at hello!
  5. i’m not even quite sure what to say about what this even is, except that it’s extraordinary! the work of MIREIA LUZÁRAGA + ALEJANDRO MUIÑO entitled solstice, the launch of a “post-natural architecture through the design of a multitude of material systems, that turns the project into an open laboratory of exploration of new narratives, both technical and aesthetical”. have a gander!
  6. as if designer ulla johnson’s fashions weren’t feminine and flirty enough, then holy smokes just have a gander at her new york showroom. i’d like to live here, please. i’ll just tuck myself inside the dressing room — no one will notice.
  7. i keep seeing these beautiful stems popping up all over pinterest. i had to google them to discover what they’re called — apparently, an anthurium sometimes called a flamingo flower, which makes sense to me. so graceful!
  8. here’s certainly a bold statement — but i love everything about this glorious glamorous room from the world of interiors. pink banquette, anyone? yes, please!

modern desk work space. / sfgirlbybay cheerful floral prints in vintage-inspired bathroom. / sfgirlbybay naturally dyed pink pillow with pink fringe via a beautiful mess. / sfgirlbybay diy ombre pink bedding with fringe via a beautiful mess. / sfgirlbybay friday finds featuring pink origami sculpture / sfgirlbybay feminine pink walls and arched shoe displays at ulla johnson store. / sfgirlbybay green plant in glass globe vase with round hanging mirror. / sfgirlbybay feminine bohemian decor. / sfgirlbybay

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