instagram worthy: @trnknyc.
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inspiring interiors via trnk nyc. / sfgirlbybay
i think we’re all feeling the big bummer that is the instagram algorithm and while not an end of the world scenario, it’s indeed frustrating that one, your feed is not in real-time order, and two, you can barely see the inspiring work you seek and instead, what instagram assumes you want to see. how they come up with this is beyond explanation (have they ever given us one?) and entirely frustrating for me, so it’s a love/hate relationship i have with the app. so, when i can’t sleep or i am waiting in line somewhere i go on little hunts for new instagram accounts to follow. i have noticed that when you follow someone new, they — for a while at least — pop up in your feed quite often. so, although i could go on about the instagram woes, instead i’m going to start sharing new feeds i think you might like to follow. now, while this one — @trnknyc, is a retail account (see their online shop trnk nyc), it is no less instagram worthy — there’s loads of inspiring interiors here and more often than not, i find myself ‘liking’ their images — a lot. their homewares are lovely as well, so it’s a win-win. enjoy!

brass bedside shelf with vintage bulb. / sfgirlbybay wall lights on white wall in modern space. / sfgirlbyabay hanging brass globe lamp. / sfgirlbybay inspriing intagram images by @trnknyc. / sfgirlbybay inspiring interior Instagram image via @trnknyc. / sfgirlbybay inspiring art wall via @trnknyc on instagram. / sfgirlbybay inspiring greenery in modern white living room via @trnknyc on instagram. / sfgirlbybay inspiring bedside brass shelf with vintage light bulb. / sfgirlbybay inspiring instagrammer to follow @trnknyc. / sfgirlbybayinspiring interior decor via @trnknyc on instagram. / sfgirlbybaybrass and green glass vase with red wildflowers on stack of books via @trnknyc on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of @trnknyc and trnk nyc.

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  1. Now I realize that I get feed from instagram that must be from the things I click like on.. and not the ones .. that often i like even better but are not my friends. Now it makes sense.. what does get the ones show up? beside likes.. so frustrating..

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