friday finds.
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pine tree branch in glass jar for christmas. / sfgirlbybay

it’s that time of year where i take some time off from the blog, try real hard to stay off the internet (wish me luck) and refresh the creative side of my brain, spending time with friends, family, and my mutt miss lucy. it’s been such a busy, bustling year and one that seemed to fly by in a flurry. how is it the year-end already? and it’s been such a crazy year, hasn’t it?

it’s also been a rough year for the country and our struggles and my thoughts turn to the gratitude and my appreciation for all that i have and what i am lucky enough to do for a living. i get to share beautiful, sometimes silly and hopefully inspiring things with you each and every day and i can’t tell you how fulfilled and happy that makes me. i am so thankful for your company and your kind comments — it really does feel like we’re hanging out together a great deal of the time, whether it’s here, or instagram or over on twitter where i can be more vocal than probably does me good (thanks for following, anyway).

i wish for you all a very happy holiday season and hopefully a relaxing one, too. i think we could all use a bit of a rest from the constant chatter of the internet and the ring of cell phones and the buzz of texts. i hope you read good books, lazily peruse your favorite magazines, see great films and eat fabulous food. spend time with your favorite people and do wonderfully zany, spontaneous things. let’s all keep it real simple and have some fun, shall we? happiest of holidays and happy new year everyone! i’ll see you back here in 2018.

xo, victoria

  1. i adore the modern simplicity of this christmas ‘tree’ in a vase — so much so, it’s where i got the idea for my wee tree in a vintage pickle jar. looks so stylish displayed on a bar cart, too.
  2. this is such a unique and pretty christmas display, too, via remodelista. i like the idea of perhaps adding to this collage with christmas cards washi taped to the wall as they arrive in the post.
  3. what do you think about sewing your holiday gifts with a simple red stitching? i quite like it! so simple and yet so charming. the vintage book pages add a lot, too.
  4. i love the idea of xeroxing copies of old family photos to add to gift packaging, too. or, simply use real vintage photos! i may start collecting holiday-themed photos from the flea market for this very purpose next year.
  5. this is the sweetest take on the classic gingerbread house. the little green milk glass cake stand adds a lot to the pretty display, too.
  6. i went for the idea of plain craft paper wrapping this year, too. i like the paired down look of it, and plan on tying them with red twine and adding vintage ornaments to the outside. this greenery looks really lovely, too.
  7. another pretty mini christmas tree displayed in a vintage jar by stylist lotta agaton. she always gets it just right.
  8. this is another very different christmas nook — i like the idea of displaying christmas carols washi taped in the shape of a tree. the tiny tree in a bag is quite cute, too.

orange and silver vintage lamp on silver barcart. / sfgirlbybayunique christmas display via remodelista. / sfgirlbybayprinted book pages as homemade wrapping paper. / sfgirlbybaywhite pom pom bow on a gift. / sfgirlbybay jadite cake stand. / sfgirlbybaybrown paper package with green sprig and twine. / sfgirlbybaybrown paper packages with greenery and twine. / sfgirlbybaysheet music taped to a wall in the shape of a christmas tree. / sfgirlbybay




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