friday finds.
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velvet blue fringed sofa. / sfgirlbybay

welcome to the weekend, friends! have you got any getaway plans on the agenda? lucy and i are road tripping up to the bay area next week to photograph the new collection for super marché, so i’m very excited about that! and speaking of getting away, as i was putting this post together i started to wonder — do you think that hotel design often influences trends in overall interior design? i think it just might. because i see jewel tones and especially in velvet very on trend right now, and i can think of a few hotel properties that may have had a little something to do with our current crush on all things velvety with a dash of fancy fringe. i’ve included a few right here — see what i mean?

xo, victoria

  1. ahhh, blue velvet. it just kind of screams parisian, doesn’t it? especially a blue fringed sofa — très chic, ouí?
  2. The London-based hotelier and private club soho house have opened stateside in Chicago, Illinois. a former Belting Factory now shines with modern victorian decor that also boasts a huge 250-piece art collection (also: take note of the velvet overstuffed sofas).
  3. another property leading the velvet trend — the Marianella, a dublin, ireland development of the finest furnished apartments and houses beautifully designed by Kingston Lafferty Design — check out that plush blue velvet headboard they also designed. very nicely appointed apartments, indeed.
  4. this room with its navy blue velvet sofa paired with an industrial chic loft feeling has always been a favorite look of mine, and well ahead of the blue velvet curve.
  5. when i stayed at the hoxton hotel in paris late last year i was instantly smitten with their atrium-like lobby boasting, yep — none other than blue and mustard yellow velvet sofas. provided just for guests to lounge about on with their laptops and lattes.
  6. more modern victorian styling — i’m telling you i’m seeing it everywhere. this time an ornate mantel all monochromatic blue, and it’s truly beautiful.
  7. just look at this eclectic left bank beauty featured in architectural digest france. a vintage rattan sofa rests beneath a tapestry by Alexander Calder — a hard combination to beat.
  8. and yet another navy sofa but this time a little more contemporary. it looks extra chic paired with that lovely and very enviable living room gallery.

inspiring interior of soho house in chicago. / sfgirlbybay

the Marianella furnished apartments in dublin, ireland. / sfgirlbybay

navy blue velvet sofa paired with an industrial chic loft. / sfgirlbybay

blue and mustard yellow velvet sofas at hoxton hotel in paris. / sfgirlbybay

ornate mantel with modern victorian styling. / sfgirlbybay

eclectic left bank beauty featured in architectural digest france. / sfgirlbybay

contemporary navy sofa with throw pillows in front of a chic art gallery wall. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I just adore that blue sofa! My mother had a couch that was very similar, but it was blush colored. As a kid, I thought the couch was hideous but I would sure love to have it now!
    My parents were very practical people and now decades later, I wonder how in the world did they end up owning that couch?? Just one of the many questions I wished I had asked them when I had the chance.
    Anyhow, have a marvelous weekend and thanks for all of the beautiful posts :)

  2. Is there a way of placing an order ? Are all the items showcased here for sale. I’m interested in a number of items.

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