a home in the hills of Malibu.
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vintage leather sofa in Malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay

take one step into this malibu home and it’s apparent that the owners have impeccable taste. and the fact that most of the furnishings are vintage or handmade makes the overall aesthetic that much more impressive and unique. founder and lead singer of the band awolnation aaron bruno along with his wife (also) erin, recently wrapped a year-long renovation on their new house nestled in the hills of Malibu and were kind enough to share it with us. the whole space is warm and inviting and the light… a photographer’s dream. since most of the items were one-of-a-kind vintage scores, erin let us in on her favorite resources below. enjoy!

wood kitchen with marble topped island in malibu hills. / sfgirlbybay natural wood walls with modern decor. / sfgirlbybay  malibu hills home of awolnation singer aaron bruno. / sfgirlbybay record nook in malibu hills home of awolnation singer aaron bruno. / sfgirlbybaymodern dining room in aaron bruno's malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay rattan bar cart and modern plant stand in malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay modern malibu hills home of awolnation lead singer aaron bruno. / sfgirlbybay erin bruno outside of her malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay art on walls of modern malibu hills home dining room. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge in malibu hills kitchen. / sfgirlbybaysunlight citrus fruit in bowl on wood cutting board. / sfgirlbybay modern malibu hills kitchen with marble island and wood with wrought iron stools. / sfgirlbybay white subway tile and whitewashed wood in modern malibu kitchen. / sfgirlbybay modern malibu kitchen with natural wood details. / sfgirlbybay minimalist modern bedroom in malibu home. / sfgirlbybay dreamcatcher wall hanging. / sfgirlbybay modern bathroom with wood bath tub. / sfgirlbybay circle mirror and marble vanity in modern bathroom. / sfgirlbybay black fixtures and wood tub in modern bathroom with white walls. / sfgirlbybay open wood shelving in modern bathroom. / sfgirlbybaytall vintage mirror. / sfgirlbybay erin, wife of awolnation lead sinder aaron bruno, inside their malibu home. / sfgirlbybay vintage woven wall light. / sfgirlbybay modern malibu bedroom. / sfgirlbybay modern bathroom with white hexagon floor tile. / sfgirlbybay indoor houseplants on ledge in malibu bedroom. / sfgirlbybay vitnage home decor inside malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay natural wood walls and ceiling and floors in malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay malibu hills home of aaron bruno, lead singer of awolnation. / sfgirlbybay decor details inside malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybayrock wall fireplace in malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay rattan bar cart details. / sfgirlbybay modern kitchen decor inside malibu hills home. / sfgirlbybay modern kitchen details inside malibu hills home of aaron bruno. / sfgirlbybay bohemian hammock on green hillside in malibu. / sfgirlbybay

resources: ceramic wall sconce; kitchen remodel; bar stools; green couch; orange couch; vintage dining room chairs refinished by seats and stools; vintage bar cart; dreamcatchers by erin bruno.

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. This is wonderful! I admit to having a warm spot for all the wood, which is so often painted white these days. I’m curious whether they lightened their wood paneling and ceilings any? In so many of the older homes the pine/fir has aged to more of an orangey color. Would be nice to know!

  2. This is a great looking house, thanks for sharing. Can you let me know what the bathroom walls are without tile and nasty grout, quite possibly the best bathroom wall solution I have seen

  3. Hi! We did sand down the walls because we had to add in new panels in some areas and I wanted a fresher look. You can tell we did not sand the ceiling it’s a little more orange. It’s cedar paneling.

  4. Faucets are by California faucets and they are matte black! Is that what you meant? Or the lights and hardware? Most lights in the house are by triple seven home and the hardware (towel bars ect.) are Chiba metal works and design.

  5. Wonderful design and great taste! I second Christine’s question. What is around the bathtub? I am looking to do something similar to my bathtub.

  6. Beautiful home, beautiful design! So well done!!!!

    I too would love to know about the floors, I have been on the hunt and unable to find what I’m looking for. I’d be so grateful!

  7. Love your home, Erin ❤️
    – and the chairs around the table in your living room are exactly like the chairs we had in my childhood home in Denmark

  8. Did this home survive the recent wildfires in California? It is a true gem and I hope this statement of impeccable beauty still remains.

  9. I too am curious as to who the designer(s) was/were… Anybody know for sure? Did they do it themselves or hire a professional? (It kind of sounds like maybe they picked the items but then someone else did the actual decorating? If Erin–or both–did this themselves, that’s an unusually great eye.)

  10. Any info in the hardwood floors? I love the color and have been searching for something like them with no luck! Beautiful home.

  11. Love it. The staghorn fern on the bathroom wall is incredible. How do you water the plants on top.of a high ceiling ledge? The monstera etx..very curious to know! Thanks.

  12. Absolutely stunning. I’m in love with this home. I wish I could see either a floor plan or the exterior as well.

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