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hi everyone, i am so sorry to have missed friday finds this week. i haven’t had a moment to let you know what’s been going on in my life these days, but my dear mum has been very sick and in and out of the hospital these past few weeks, so I’ve been mostly staying with her at her home where she’s comfortable. We’re still awaiting some test results as to what’s been going on with her, but she’s feeling a bit better, so we’re really thankful for that. my sincere apologies for not being quite on top of everything here on the blog, but family must come first, and i think you understand.  in the meantime, i’m here by her side working away this weekend, so posts will be fresh next week. i would so appreciate everyone thinking good thoughts for her and i will keep you posted. hug your loved ones, and have a lovely weekend.

xo, victoria

• photography credits: Polyantha roses by Lon.

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for your mum! And thank you for reminding everyone that the people in our lives should always come first. XO

  2. Victoria, I’m amazed everyday at your ability to curate such incredible posts. That source of visual beauty has gotten me through some really challenging days and have been a source of creative inspiration for years . Thank you for sharing your gift and for your honesty and grace . You are the real deal !
    Hugs to you and your Mom

  3. Time with your mother now is most important. I love looking at your pictures, but I can wait until things settle down. Hugs to both of you.

  4. God bless you and your very precious mother. We (your loyal fans) appreciate that moms are worth every moment spent bedside and elsewhere. Take as much time as you both may need.

  5. When you relocated down to LA, you mentioned that it was to be closer to your mother. I hope you can use this time to take care of her (and yourself). Don’t worry new posts, it’s an opportunity for us to go back into your archives and re-visit some of our favorites again.
    Also, congrats on your NY Times mention, I’m sure your mom is so proud of your success too.

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mom! I know she is why you relocated to LA and it must be comforting for you both to be together without the worry of travel and missed work. Loved seeing your gorgeous home in the NYT!

  7. Thanks for sharing about your mum. Life is certainly not all pretty pictures and of course family always come first. Sending prayers and positive energy to her. And don’t forget to take care of yourself during this stressful time.

  8. I am so sorry to hear and I hope she gets better soon. Sometimes we don’t realize how fragile we are & how precious life is until we gets sick. I am sure she is in good hands.. Sending positive vibes & love your way.

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