rainbow connection.
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color-blocked books on open white shelf. / sfgirlbybay

Lately I’ve been thinking in technicolor and, as a self-confessed neutrals aficionado, it’s something that’s a little new to me. I’ve been exploring different shades with my color story series and surprisingly, it’s left me feeling inspired by so many unexpected hues and longing to inject even more vibrancy into my surroundings. Needless to say, life is looking a little bit like a rainbow and I’m kind of digging it!

What started as a small rainbow pottery addiction (did you catch eloeil’s work a couple of weeks back? It’s so good.) and a longing to add a few of audrey bodisco’s bands of color to my walls, quickly snowballed into an all-encompassing rainbow obsession and suddenly, I found myself squirreling away so many multi-colored inspiration photos. Arch motifs for the home and for my wardrobe, designlovefest & jesse chamberlin’s AMAZING collaborative creative projects, and meticulously color-sorted bookshelves — I’ll take it all!

Keep scrolling for some of my favorite prism pics.

xx, chelsea

designlovefest & jesse chamberlin's rainbow collaborative creative project. / sfgirlbybayrainbow embroidered t-shirt. / sfgirlbybayrainbow opening to tunnel. / sfgirlbybayrainbow beaded bag. / sfgirlbybayrainbow decor inspiration. / sfgirlbybay designlovefest & jesse chamberlin collaboration. / sfgirlbybaywhite artwork. / sfgirlbybayrainbow striped pants. / sfgirlbybaystriped linen bedding. / sfgirlbybaypink bed frame with rainbow ceramic sculpture. / sfgirlbybayrainbow fashion and decor inspiration. / sfgirlbybayrainbow colored moroccan rug. / sfgirlbybayclear plastic booties and rainbow light. / sfgirlbybayrainbow striped bohemian dress. / sfgirlbybayrainbow inspired gown. / sfgirlbybayrainbow inspired artwork. / sfgirlbybayrainbow inspired collaboration by designlovefest and jessie chamberlin. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance:  in honor of design; designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda; goodwin; audrey bodisco; cult gaia, jen gotch, designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda; aelfie, taylor sterling; designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda; audrey bodisco; reformation; urban outfitters sheets; boheme goods; eloeil; bosiko; designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda; urban outfitters rug; designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda; anthropologie rainbow striped dress; valentino fall 2015; designlovefest & jesse chamberlin for little tienda.

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