wear this there: sala equis.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


inspiring outdoor spanish architecture. / sfgirlbybay

madrid has long held a lot of enchantment for me: the evening festivities, gatherings over tapas, day-to-day life taking place within the backdrop of spanish architecture. it seems anything could happen with a few glasses of sangria and the right destination. sala equis is better than any locale i could of dreamt up for such adventures! originally an adult cinema, its structures allow for any romantic to let their mind wander. a stop for all things entertainment — one can enjoy a gastronomic meal, live music and dancing that ensues, movie screenings and a good cocktail. the underground feel only adds to the allure of sala equis. wear your best modern take on the pinstripe suit, and a comfortable pair of heels, you never know where the night might take you. this week we are listening to goop’s new podcast, the oprah episode gives us all the feels.

~ michaela d’artois, vérité woman.

sala equis outdoor theater. / sfgirlbybay

outfit inspired by sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: topshop striped double breasted blazer; marais jardin heel in navy; topshop striped cropped trousers; free people St. Brigits Muscle Tee; free people Resin Hoop Set; goop the podcast; mejuri organic ring; hurraw! organic grapefruit lip balm; Kara Panel Pail bag in Pink; glossier lidstar in slip; crap eyewear the velvet mirror.

outdoor movies at sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

neon pink wall light at sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

neon wall light at sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

outdoor spanish courtyard at sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

spanish outdoor movie theater: sala equis in madrid. / sfgirlbybay

green velvet inside sala equis in madrid. / sfgirlbybay

green velvet curtains inside sala equis. / sfgirlbybay

outdoor seating at sala equis in madrid. / sfgirlbybay

green vines growing in indoor outdoor space at sala equis in madrid. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Alicia Macías for yatzer.

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  1. Me alegro que hayas conocido la Sala Equis en Madrid¡¡ Vivo muy cerca de esta sala y ya nos sorprendió a todos los vecinos el día de la inauguración… Es un sitio especial y un tipo de negocio que no existía en Madrid, con lo que se convierte en una opción estupenda para cualquier hora del día al ser cine, sitio de copas, donde escuchar música el fin de semana y en un espacio totalmente vintage recuperado del antiguo cine porno¡¡ Gracias por este post¡¡ ;)

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