a trip to thailand.
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a trip to thailand. / sfgirlbybay

This past winter my husband and I traveled around Asia with our little girl in tow and it was the most magical trip I could have imagined. As I sometimes do when the months begin to tick by, I’ve grown unbelievably nostalgic for the time spent discovering new sights, flavors, sounds, and experiences and I’ve spent the last week or so reliving the Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai portion of our excursion in pictures. These little frames of time, frozen forever in my mind and on the screen (hooray for finally sharing them with you!), sum it all up perfectly. Thailand was a cocktail of ornate temples (like our favorites the Grand Palace and Wat Pho) and friendly elephants (we spent two amazing days sleeping and waking with elephants, trekking the jungle, and living like locals at the Chai Lai Eco Lodge), the rustle of vibrant orange silks whipping by as austere monks hurried to hushed meetings and a wash of color everywhere we looked. It was a trip unlike any other and I’m already counting the days until I can return.

Keep scrolling for some of my favorite memories and, in case a trip is in your future, visit our complete Google map here.

xx, chelsea

travel photos from thailand. / sfgirlbybaygold ornate decor in thailand. / sfgirlbybaycolorful temple in thailand. / sfgirlbybaygold temple statues in thailand. / sfgirlbybaycolorful travel photos from thailand. / sfgirlbybayornate gold temples in thailand. / sfgirlbybayorange carnation garlands in thailand. / sfgirlbybayelephant in thailand. / sfgirlbybaymonks entering temple in thailand. / sfgirlbybaywoman with stacked gold necklace in thailand. / sfgirlbybaytemple in thailand. / sfgirlbybaytravel photography from thailand. / sfgirlbybaygold statues in thailand. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by chelsea jackson for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. This doesn’t seem to fit in with the usual content of this website; I hope it’s not going in another direction. This is my favorite blog.

  2. Love these pictures (and your blog)! My husband and I just took our eldest daughter to Tokyo and are looking forward to taking our other children on parent-child adventures as they get older. Thailand is at the top of my list, so thank you for the link!

  3. There are plenty of examples of “A Trip to ___” under the blog’s travel tag, with photos from France, Portugal, Spain and more… I think it’s great.

  4. Living the dream. Looks like a perfect trip and it’s high on my list. Curious if you came back with any interesting souvenirs?

  5. What a gorgeous trip! Looks so magical!
    I disagree with others that have said this post doesn’t fit in with your usual content. SFG is one of my all-time favourite blogs because of the beautiful inspiring imagery. This is nothing less than beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the great work!


  6. hi eva, we cover loads of travel from around the world, so i’m sorry if you felt this story was ‘off-brand’. but we’ll continue to post design, decor, travel and lifestyle posts as we always have.


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