at home in greece.
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greek island home with wood fireplace. / sfgirlbybay

ever thought of escaping it all and moving to a small greek island? yep, me too. and that’s exactly what Australian artist, designer and photographer Claire Lloyd and her British partner, artist Matthew Usmar Lauder have done, leaving london for the easy life along the agean sea. featured in house and garden this is their lovely, whitewashed home in lesvos, a small island village. claire has even written my greek island home, an ode to living the good life in greece and traditional greek recipes from her neighbors.

white washed home in greece. / sfgirlbybay

teal vintage wood desk in white-washed space. / sfgirlbybay

white-washed dining room with a view in greece. / sfgirlbybay

purple flowers on a white shelf with a pink crystal. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed kitchen with bright teal doors in greece. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed kitchen with art print hung over wood farm table. / sfgirlbybay

sunny, white-washed bedroom in greece. / sfgirlbybay

sunny, white-washed bedroom with white and pink bedding and vintage chandelier. / sfgirlbybay

feminine bedroom in greek island home. / sfgirlbybay

white-washed bathroom with square tiles. / sfgirlbybay

greek island home exterior in blue and white with terracotta roof. / sfgirlbybay

teal doors on the exterior of greek island home. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by paul massey for house and garden.

4 responses to “at home in greece.”

  1. After having seen these pictures I am about to pack my suitcases right away!!! But I have to admit, that after a whileunder the greek sun I would miss the buzz of the city….

  2. Omg! I just want to run around that home singing ABBA songs from
    Mumma Mia!
    Simply stunning.

  3. oh be still my heart …. i would love to be enjoying that lovely HOME and all its sunshine both inside and out !
    YOU have made yourself a beautiful home … enjoy !

  4. It’s always nice to see “new life” in an old house. This home being in Lesvos (and not one of the Cycladic islands), means that it wasn’t originally all white-washed. And hence, I’m honestly glad that they decided to keep some turquoise accents in order to preserve some of its original character.

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