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wes anderson-esque laguna beach lifeguard station. / sfgirlbybay

as a little postscript to monday’s visit to casa laguna hotel & spa, i thought i’d share a just few of my favorite spots to shop in the laguna beach area. foggy mornings before the sun pops out are a perfect time to stroll downtown Laguna, and when you do, you might like to check out some of these beachy boutiques. also, be sure and stroll the stunning beaches and tidepools, or stop to watch a game of beach volleyball on the main beach in town. first up is Twig — loads of cute vintage-inspired t’s and clothing, handmade jewelry and some really cute home accessories. i picked up a mother’s day gift here — a sweet little tin birdhouse for my mum and a few fun cards and gifts for moi.

twig store exterior in laguna beach, california. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring interior of twig in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

another sweet shop i found a slew of mother’s day and birthday gifts is areo home. they carry tons of apothecaries, candles, books, homewares and jewelry and the prices were really affordable for such an upscale area, and the staff was so friendly and helpful, too. definitely give them a visit.

XXX apothecaries shop in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

boardwalk at laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

there’s tons of cute bathing suit and surf shops in town, naturally, and as someone who grew up in surf culture, i love popping in for a bit of nostalgia. just the smell of coconut sex wax (surfboard wax) sends me back a few decades. and if you’re looking for a new swimsuit, these shops carry so many options — not like department stores where’s there’s just a few to choose from — i saw so many really cute and unique bathing suits! try hobie, poler (which is a gorgeous shop for sporting goods) and laguna surf and sport, just to name a few. also, if you’re looking for a good beach read, laguna beach books is a wonderful indie book store with a really knowledgeable and friendly staff. they recommended a book to me (i found you by Lisa jewell) and i read it in two days — it was that good!

laguna beach inspired imagery. / sfgirlbybay

lala store front in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

next up, and probably my personal favorite place to shop in laguna is lala, Kerry cassill’s very beachy store. kerry carries the prettiest bedding, clothing, beach umbrellas, textiles — think luxury weight Indian fabrics for body and home. i get so inspired every time i pop in (thus the multitude of photos!), and this time was no different. i also have to restrain myself from buying one of everything, but i did get a pretty caftan for my mum, and a gorgeous silk top for myself. never fear though, if you can’t get to laguna anytime soon, you can shop lala online. happy shopping!

luxurious textiles from lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

luxurious bedding from lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

pretty shelf with vintage mirror inside lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

lala, a home goods store in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

wicker pendant lights for sale at lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

outdoor patio with chaise lounges draped in lovely textiles at lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

lovely textiles for sale at lala in laguna beach. / sfgirlbybay

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