best of: collect not clutter.
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i’m feeling much more zen today, so thank you for all the positive comments yesterday — i was way down there in those dumps! but what also makes me feel better, besides your trusty companionship here on the blog, is cleaning out the cobwebs — literally and figuratively. i’ve been sorting through my belongings and trying to declutter – a lot! it’s a difficult task for me, because i love collecting lovely things, but one can only own so many beautiful objects and those we do own should be sentimental and shared lovingly — maybe in a special display case or a prominently on a shelf for all to gander. they should also be displayed in a cohesive collection as to not look cluttered — “like objects” with their mates, so to speak. i think these images give us a great example to live up to. collections so pretty, but not in the least bit cluttered, so on with my purge!

neutral ceramics on white shelf. / sfgirlbybay gray built-in cabinet with ceramic dishware. / sfgirlbybay ceramic dishware. / sfgirlbybay inspiring collections. / sfgirlbybay inspiring kitchen accessories / sfgirlbybay curated collection of knick knacks. / sfgirlbybay ceramic vases on drying racks. / sfgirlbybay black cabinet with white ceramic dishes. / sfgirlbybay kitchen with vintage dishware and accessories. / sfgirlbybay large black cabinet with glass doors and curated collection of decor inside. / sfgirlbybay curated collection of eclectic dishes and kitchen accessories. / sfgirlbybay inspiring collections of ceramic dishes. / sfgirlbybay neutral wall decor. / sfgirlbybay curated collection of vintage mirrors. / sfgirlbybay black cabinet with curated decor. / sfgirlbybay inspiring neutral kitchen decor. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I cannot handle clutter! Thirteen years ago, we lost everything we owned in a fire. I had multiple collections go up in smoke! Starting over was challenging, but great in the sense that it meant we would only buy what we needed at the time. Fast forward, fifteen years later, we have moved four times. I ask my husband all of the time, “How can two people have SO much stuff?!!” Before we moved into our latest place, we made many trips to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, and had Out of the Closet pick up some furniture too. In the last two weeks (since I am on vacation), I reorganized and purged again. It feels great!! And I know our things will be put to good use since they are nice things! Lastly, if you ever sell your sconces and I have my eyes on your oil painting of the bare-chested child too, please let me know. I would love to buy them! I LOVE YOUR HOME AND CURATOR’S EYE!

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