living like a local in lisbon.
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bohemian modern airbnb in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

hello dear readers! i’ve returned from my journey to spain and portugal, and oh, do i ever have some great finds to share with you! but, while i gather my thoughts and inspirations i’m working a little bit backward and beginning with the end — our charming airbnb in lisbon. it was such a beautiful space to wind down from a lot (and i mean an awful lot!) of running around — planes, trains, automobiles and boats. our cruise was amazing and more about that later. but here’s to the slow life — this airbnb in located very centrally in lisbon’s Praça da Figueira with walking distance to loads of great restaurants, sites and shopping. equipped with two large bedrooms, and another with two twin beds, a dining area and full kitchen, washer & dryer and AC which is always grand in summer months. i love locating and sharing a great airbnb, and if you’ve never experienced travel this way before, try this link for $40 off your first stay. bon voyage!

airbnb located in lisbon's Praça da Figueira. / sfgirlbybay

floral tile and colorful vintage rug in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

wood beam room divider in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

white door with blue glass in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

blue decor details in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

blue floral wall tile in lisbon. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring interior of lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

vintage modern decor in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

exposed wood beams in lisbon airbnb. / sfgirlbybay

modern cardboard table lamp. / sfgirlbybay

airbnb decor details in lisbon. / sfgirlbybay

airbnb in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring interior of our airbnb in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay


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  1. I was in Lisbon in early June and stayed in Baixa House – a recommendation that I got off your site 2 years ago (?). Loved that, and this looks even better.
    Thank you so much.
    I love Portugal and would like to go back again and again.

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