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happy friday, everyone! it’s been a rather emotionally trying week for me so i’m looking forward to the weekend. i can’t say exactly what was wrong, but do you ever have those times where you just get all weepy at the drop of a hat? yeah, well that’s what i had going on. i blame it on the dumb online dating sites i’ve tried out this week — what a nightmare. i don’t think i can stick with it — the lack of interest for someone my age is just a little tough to take! oh well, onward — this week’s friday finds are a little on the eclectic and quirky side. just like me — take it or leave it! have a great weekend everyone. don’t let the bastards get ya down!

xo, victoria

  1. i adore the work of australian stylist megan morton and although this couch could use some TLC (pretty sure that’s intentional!), i just really like this photo she styled that i found via est. love that little dress hanging there!
  2. in a world of peonies and dahlias, the traditional old-fashioned rose can get short-changed these days. sometimes it takes a gorgeous photo like this one to remind me how romantic roses can be. of course, that light doesn’t hurt.
  3. i love everything about this entryway. the styling is spot-on perfect — the rug, the lighting, that print — all of it blends together beautifully. it’s the home of danish model johanne landbo and you can see more of it on her instagram.
  4. this wee kitchen is so charming. it reminds me of all the small but utilitarian kitchens you see in europe, which can be tiny but oh so quaint with their tidy bits of organized clutter.
  5. speaking of charming this is such an eclectic little bedroom corner. i’ve always admired these vintage vanities from perhaps the 1930’s or 40’s. this one’s adorable.
  6. you’ve probably been seeing a lot of pampas grass around the internet lately and i’m not sure if this qualifies, but i really like this little bundle of dried grass decorating this table top. featured on in bed, this mexico city house tour is as inspiring as all their sneak peeks into people’s homes.
  7. i love a good glass divider and this one is no different. i especially like how it’s almost like a transom window dividing the two rooms, and that built-in bookcase is pretty smashing, too.
  8. i’m a big fan of saarinen tables (i think at last count I own five!) and this is a sweet little beauty with a marble top. the whole nook is pretty great, as photographed by rebecca bartoshesky.

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  1. Courage! Some weeks are just downers. It will pass, the sun will rise, coffee will brew, someone will make you laugh. If in doubt, watch some Queer Eye and realise that people can be great.

    • I binge watched ALL episodes of Queer Eye and 1) I want them to come fix me; and 2) they need to fix 85% of the guys on Bumble! ;) . I love Queer Eye!

  2. Oh, i’m so sorry for you.
    you might suffer from your hormones! they’re very dominant and Always in controle!

    love from Dordrecht in the Netherlands,

    Lydia Adriaansens

  3. I dated in my 40’s and I may have bagged the last good guy . Most of my friends who are single and my age say that online dating doesn’t work for them mainly because men their age want 35 year olds . One reconnected with a male friend and found love there – one joined a church and quickly found someone . .The ones who are still single travel quite a bit, volunteer , belong to clubs (cooking , wine , kayaking ) and say they prefer being unattached – they’re happy , confident , beautiful women – like you.

  4. Queer Eye helped soothe my and stopped me from crying! Damn could use that again right now…

    I also just read this which I found super interesting:

    Good luck out there. Bumble is one of my least fave of the apps, I truly don’t believe any of it. Hinge is a nice interface to help you learn about them easier, and I don’t even use fb! Either way your posts start my day with the light of beauty and humanity, esp when I truly need it. Thank you so much!

  5. Just a quick note to say I love your posts and look forward to them each day! I have only been following for a year or so but you appear to be an amazing women! Smart, talented, well traveled and interesting. Some guys are just plain blind! Hang in there! I do know people who have had success on sites but I myself haven’t tried. Single, haven’t dated in 15 years but still grateful for each day. Enjoy being you.

  6. Just a little pep talk from another woman of a certain age and online dating. You are such an inspiration to so many, and have so much to offer that it’s going to be hard to find someone who deserves that. My grandma used to say there’s a kid for every pot and I think that’s true. I slogged it out online for years and many more dates than I could count, and finally finally, when I was ready to give up completely, through a stroke of luck, met my lovely husband – we were both over 40 (when we met and well, now). Hang in there – you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play. You deserve someone who will see the amazing you. I believe it can happen, it just may take a while so don’t lose hope.

  7. I hope your weekend holds unexpected delights and many moments of relaxation leaving you refreshed and ready for the week to come. I’ve spent over 20 minutes drinking in and enjoying the colors, textures and fragrance of your gorgeous post and feel quenched, refreshed and relaxed by simply gazing at your beautiful “share”. Thank you, wishing you all the best!

  8. I so enjoy your blog everyday. Thank you for all the time you must spend getting it together. You must be a very lovely person who notices beauty in lots of ways. Hope you have a better time next week. Please know that your readers care about you and your work.

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