friday finds.
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hello friends and happy friday! have you got fun weekend plans? i’m headed up to ojai, where i haven’t visited for like 20 years, so i’m really excited to check out what’s new and have some chill time at the pool. in the meantime, i apparently have a thing for pale pinks and greens this week. enjoy!

xo, victoria

  1. some vintage painted portraits perfectly hung on pale pink walls, paired with plush green velvet chairs and a table with 70’s vibes all over? yep, sign me up for all of this, pretty please.
  2. i could move right into this particular french home with its pretty pink sofa and (more!) green velvet draperies, but then again i could probably move into just about any paris apartment.
  3. this is such a pretty collection of vintage glassware at numeroventi in florence and i quite like the styling situated on the vintage green cabinet, too.
  4. why can’t all signage still look like this? i love this old sign in porto, portugal captured by @girlygirlmag which is a pretty fun instagram account (and website) to follow, by the way.
  5. how about this place for an over-the-top but beautiful and colorful parisian apartment? that molding, that chair and that madcap lighting are pretty great, ouí?
  6. heading to Istanbul anytime soon? you might like to check in at Hazz Istambul, a wonderful B&B where you can doze off at the end of the day in this Dreamy alcove bed.
  7. such an eclectic and pretty little beside the bed situation. love the that nightstand table but it’s that vintage bubble lamp wall sconce that’s that seals the deal.
  8. i’d be most happy to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in this beautiful cuban dining space. those floors alone make me extremely happy. i might repeatedly drop my napkin just be able to lean down and get a closer look.

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