breathing healthy with molekule.
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bohemian modern home office with molekule air purifier. / sfgirlbybay

i feel so fortunate to be able to work from home — i am definitely one lucky girl. but the downsides might not occur to you — like being home all day i have an AC bill that skyrockets in summer months due to L.A.’s non-stop heatwaves and the air quality is not always ideal, either. i live next door to a big dusty hill and a lot of that dust ends up in my home, and in the air i breathe, so my allergies can go off the charts (not to mention the smoke and fire retardants in the air from the tragic california wildfires this summer)! i was invited to try a new air purifier that destroys indoor pollutants at the molecular level — Molekule. you may have been seeing some press about it because it’s just that revolutionary — achieving allergen relief, and empowering us with healthy air to breath.

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like me, your home is most likely your sanctuary, so it only makes sense that the air inside your four walls is as clean as the rest of your space. whether you and your family suffer from allergens in the home or are simply interested in restoring good air quality, say hello to a whole new air purification experience. Molekule is super quiet, sleek looking, unobtrusive, portable and most importantly proven effective, reimagining what clean air ought to look and feel like. so working in my newly redesigned home office with my windows wide open to the view of the hillsides is a whole lot nicer — and it also takes care of pet hair and dander (which lucy has a lot of!) so that’s a real plus for me, too. Molekule is lightweight and super portable with it’s leather handle, so i can transfer it to my bedroom at night, or if i’m spending more time in the living room — i can easily take it with me.

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not to get super hi-tech nerdy on you, but Molekule has something called PECO: also known as Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, a patented technology that works at the molecular level to eliminate indoor air pollution. each air purifier comes with two filters: a pre-filter and a PECO-filter. the pre-filter captures larger particles such as dust and pet hair, while the PECO-filter is coated by their proprietary catalyst which breaks down pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light — amazing science stuff! and it’s also energy efficient — Molekule doesn’t rely on high-powered fans, making it energy efficient without compromising its effectiveness. it works in rooms as large as 600 square feet and is the best in market answer to destroying air pollutants like dust, dander, viruses, mold, and bacteria in your home. and, to get extra techy, Molekule can be connected to wifi and controlled remotely using their app, or simply be controlled by using its touchscreen display. i’m breathing much easier with Molekule — i think you might like to try it out, too!

bohemian modern home office with molekule air purifier. / sfgirlbybay

molekule air purifier. / sfgirlbybay

vintage chairs in home office with molekule air purifier. / sfgirlbybay

molekule home air purifier. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Perfect timing, I’m currently dealing with a mold issue causing poor air quality in my house. I’m sure the remediation company will use something industrial strength to make things safe again, but I don’t want to be without an air purifier once things are resolved.

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