creating an idyllic sleeping space.
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when i chat with friends lately i’m hearing the same thing — the world is just a little much to take right now and often falling asleep with your thoughts whirling around nonstop in your head makes it pretty challenging to nod off, or even stay asleep. i’ve never been a great sleeper to begin with, so with the changing seasons (and clock!) this fall i’m really trying to create new bedtime rituals to help me get that much-needed rest we all require. as i’ve mentioned before, i also have allergies which often bother me at night so step one in this new goal of mine is keeping my bedroom super clean of dust, lucy’s dog hair and the dirt she tends to drag in from the garden. i’ve partnered with Oreck‘s new cordless Cordless Vacuum with POD Technology which is making that task so much easier.

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here’s my personal checklist for getting my bedroom blissfully ready for a good night’s sleep:

  1. a quick run around the bedroom with Oreck’s POD to make sure the floors are dust and dirt-free. not every night, but about 3-4 times a week. its tools are really versatile so it cleans under the bed, too.
  2. clean, soft sheets! i’m like the princess and the pea, so i need a really comfy bed to sleep in — when lucy comes up to cuddle she often brings in the outside, so i can do a quick sweep of the duvet with the POD, too.
  3. healing crystals by the bedside, candles lit and my favorite aromatherapy before bed — i love rosemary lavender essential oils to help me set the mood before getting into bed (but be sure and blow out those candles before getting under the sheets!).
  4. a bath is always a good idea, too. not too hot — just a comforting warm bath with more candles lit and essential oils, like lavender.
  5. a great book and no technology in the bed! nothing unwinds me better than reading a real book before shutting my eyes.
  6. i’m gonna be honest here, i hate pj’s. at least to wear to bed — i find them confining and hate how they twist around your legs at night. if you’re the same, go on and give sleeping in the buff a chance. i swear it’s life-changing.
  7. a silky sleep mask. i’ve heard a really dark room is what you need to sleep soundly, so i may not wear pj’s but i always wear a mask!
  8. and lastly, sometimes listening to an app like calm, or even a podcast can help me fall asleep. any kind of deep breathing and meditation is helpful, too.

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so that’s my new bedtime ritual — all pretty easy to manage and stress-free. Oreck’s POD is super lightweight so getting out the vacuum is no big deal, in fact, it’s easy to do a clean sweep before bedtime (or anytime you need a quick clean-up). and Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum features this cool, self-sealing POD Technology that captures and contains dust and dirt, and it self-seals preventing that irksome dust cloud that spreads when you’re emptying a traditional bagless vacuum, making it convenient and mess-free. Just drop a fresh POD in to start, it lasts about a month and an LED light lets you know when it’s time to change it. some very simple steps to create your very best sleeping space and live your best life at home. if you’ve got any helpful tips for us you’d like share on getting a better night’s rest, please let us know in the comments! and sweet dreams!

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  1. I actually fantasise about the perfect bedroom; small, just big enough to fit in a double bed, plus a wall mounted light. That’s it. I am sure I would sleep without disturbance like that.

  2. Whoa. The first time I read it my brain changed it to a “quick run around with Oreos.” Hmmm. That would make my bedroom better! ;) looks great!

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