a natural home in the netherlands.
by Ezz Wilson comment


mid-century credenza and gold mobile. / sfgirlbybay

The Dutch and Germans have been making their presence known on my Instagram feed lately with their warm, natural minimalism, and Tessa Hop’s beautiful lifestyle account is one that is consistently near the top of my feed. The mother of four lives outside of Amsterdam in an eco-home she and her husband designed. It’s a comforting world full of rumpled linens, dried flowers, and pale wood tones juxtapositioned with concrete floors and clean lines. (And her feed is full of her adorably dressed children, too–I’m seriously taking mental fashion notes for myself!)

cheers, ezz.

woven home goods and toddler. / sfgirlbybay

child's room in amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay

at home with Tessa Hop in amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay

minimalist modern kitchen with ceramic goods. / sfgirlbybay

stack of autumnal toddler sweaters on chair. / sfgirlbybay

raffia fan and terracotta dress hung from simple wood shelf. / sfgirlbybay

woven pendant lamp over wood dining table. / sfgirlbybay

minimalist bathroom in amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay

minimalist bathroom in amsterdam home of Tessa Hop. / sfgirlbybay

washed linen table cloth in Tessa Hop's dining room. / sfgirlbybay

gold vase with airy branch arrangement. / sfgirlbybay


• photography by Tessa Hop.

7 responses to “a natural home in the netherlands.”

  1. Love her feed ♡
    I already follow her on Instagram and those natural tones are just magical! There is also @sannehop that have a similar beautiful feed, I think they’re sisters if not their related because sometimes they share the same family pictures on their feed.

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