an edwardian welsh kitchen.
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devol kitchen with mint green cabinetry. / sfgirlbybay

those ornate archways had me at ‘hello’ — i’m always a sucker for a pretty curve, aren’t you? this kitchen is one of devol’s divine spaces — an Edwardian Villa in Cardiff, on the south coast of Wales, reminiscent of how our kitchens used to look — a little more freestanding, not too much adornment and an enviable restraint when it comes to decorations. How wonderful to see a kitchen, dining room, scullery and lounge area flow together so effortlessly — this simple way of living allows the fortunate family who lives here to be together whilst still doing their own thing, perfect. i love these inspiring peeks into devol’s pretty kitchens and this one is no different. have a look around.

minimalist modern kitchen by deVol. / sfgirlbybay

devol kitchen in the south coast of Wales. / sfgirlbybay

devol kitchen with blue cabinetry. / sfgirlbybay

dining area in devol kitchen with oversized blue green cabinet. / sfgirlbybay

devol kitchen in Edwardian Villa. / sfgirlbybay

dining room inside Edwardian Villa home. / sfgirlbybay

south coast of Wales devol kitchen design. / sfgirlbybay

edwardian villa kitchen by devol. / sfgirlbybay

blue green cabinetry in minimalist devol kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

green and blue cabinetry in devol kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of devol kitchens.

10 responses to “an edwardian welsh kitchen.”

  1. It reminds me of The King’s Speech, and Lionel Logue’s home. I watch that movie just for sights of his home and office!

  2. I love the heriz rug and the color of the cabinetry separately, but not sure they bring out the best in each other. Maybe blue cabinets? I can move in next week and bring my paintbrush : )

  3. The rug and the cabinetry color are a match made in heaven! If they’d simply pull an exact color from the rug for the cabinets, it would have looked cliché and matchy-matchy and would have lost the depth and richness it has now. Such a gorgeous space!

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