instagram worthy: @kawa_heart_studio.
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inspiring bedroom inside @kawa_heart_studio in australia. / sfgirlbybay

i guess i’m still in a seaside surf mode after my long weekend in laguna, because this week’s Instagram worthy feed is very, very beachy! it’s also beautiful and super inspiring. today we’re checking in with @kawa_heart_studio a gorgeous aussie cottage from dee kawai tang, also known as the kawa he·art studio & the lady california bungalow which just happens to be available for photoshoots should you find yourself down under. i honestly miss living by the beach so much, and this cozy spot is definitely making me want to move closer. laguna could work! in the meantime, though let’s all get inspired by these architectural details, amazing windows and creative corners from @kawa_heart_studio.

arched doorway to bohemian living room via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

hat rack and surfboard photographed via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian home office area via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring bohemian interior of via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring australian cottage via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

inspiration wall via via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

vintage modern entryway via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

inside the bohemian @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

beachy bedroom decor inside @kawa_heart_studio via instagram. / sfgirlbybay

beachy surf vibes in @kawa_heart_studio bedroom via instagram. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring windows inside @kawa_heart_studio via instagram. / sfgirlbybay

beachy whitewashed bedroom inside the inspiring @kawa_heart_studio. / sfgirlbybay

tropical wall mural via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

beachy home office via @kawa_heart_studio on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by @kawa_heart_studio.

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