friday finds.
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moroccan vignette by photographer carley page summers. / sfgirlbybay

what is it about taking a holiday that just makes you want to travel more? it’s a conundrum to be sure because once you get home you find yourself daydreaming about the next trip. i think that’s what hit me after returning from todos santos — when you go away you’re able to get a fresh perspective on things and that’s such a creatively motivating feeling that it becomes a little addictive. so i guess the vibe of this week’s Friday finds is just a little bit on the exotic and eccentric side of the design spectrum inspired by my travels to mexico. have you any plans to get away this weekend? do tell! we’ll all live vicariously and happily through you.

xo, victoria

  1. photographer carley page summers captures so many desirable locations with her camera but this moroccan vignette really caught my eye. i love the rustic feeling and all the tiny design details. look closely for more inspiration.
  2. milk decoration is one of my favorite design magazines and although i can’t read a word of it (it’s all in french) i still can ogle their images and get endlessly inspired. i love this pretty rattan headboard against the seafoam green wall.
  3. Riad Jardin Secret’s instagram account keeps trying to lure me to Marrakech. i can easily believe in their design motto “anti-modern with a bit of magic” — every photo looks pretty magical to me.
  4. coqui coqui closed their doors in tulum, but now i’ve got a hankering to visit their hotel in Izamal, a small Yucatán city. i found this enticing image via @theperfecthideaway which shares loads of Design properties for the modern traveler.
  5. there’s just something about this epic dining room with its extremely tall ceilings and ornate crown molding that while looks quite fancy, also looks a little rustic, too. i think it’s the juxtaposition of those mid-century modern rather primitive looking chairs amongst all that glamour that i find so interesting.
  6. how about this for ornate design details? it happens to be one of writer/designer/artist Jean Cocteau’s designs for Villa Santo Sospir in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, france, photographed by Filippo Bamberghi. all i want to do is to see what’s on the other side of that beautiful door.
  7. this charming rustic kitchen feels like it stepped right out of a Mediterranean kitchen. i love all the charming details and the very rustic albeit crumbling, paint-chipped wall.
  8. i’ve fallen for this little nook and most especially for that gorgeous mid-century modern woven chair from atacama home. it comes in a bunch of lovely colors, so i’m keeping this one in my back pocket in case i need another chair (um, like a hole in my head, but who’s counting?).

rattan headboard and seafoam green wall. / sfgirlbybay

marrakech via Riad Jardin Secret on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

black and green checkered floor tile. / sfgirlbybay

epic dining room with tall ceilings and ornate crown molding. / sfgirlbybay

ornate painted french door. / sfgirlbybay

rustic kitchen vignette. / sfgirlbybay

mid-century modern woven chair from atacama home. / sfgirlbybay

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