picture this: the female form.
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black and white art print of female form. / sfgirlbybay

the beautiful female form — she comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. and since so many of us are trying to embrace ourselves wholly, what better way than to pay homage to the female form? artists have been depicting her beauty since the dawn of time and some are most inspiring — like the one and only Henri Matisse, and contemporary artists like caroline walls, Kenesha Sneed and emma cutrie. but it’s all so subjective — what forms you find beautiful, but all are to be celebrated. here’s a look at past and present and some goddess-like art you might like to inspire you at home.

colorful art print of woman on pink bed. / sfgirlbybay

contemporary painting of women. / sfgirlbybay

art print of female form. / sfgirlbybay

drawing and art poster featuring female form. / sfgirlbybay

black and white screenprint of female profile. / sfgirlbybay

artwork featuring nude female forms. / sfgirlbybay

nude drawing of female form. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring artwork featuring female form. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: sanyu; Nude II printby Thierry Porter from spacey studios; Arctic Queen by Henrietta Dubrey; leaning in print by Kenesha Sneed of Tactile Matter; Original charcoal line drawing Curved Woman 04 by caroline wells; Deliberation by Henrietta Dubrey; line drawing print of a sitting nude figure by siret; harley and j; Kenesha Sneed; SHE BEGAN II SCREEN PRINT by caroline wells.

art print featuring nude female form on a bed. / sfgirlbybay

black and white artwork featuring female form. / sfgirlbybay

colorful art print featuring nude female forms. / sfgirlbybay

nude female form. / sfgirlbybay

black and white female nude art print. / sfgirlbybay

colorful painting of woman. / sfgirlbybay

• all other credits in order of appearance: Untitled Limited Edition print by Christian Johnson from the saatchi art; warm afternoon by pegge hopper; Sleepwalking Painting by Arun Prem from saatchi art; sanyu; Seated nude by sanyu; Henri Matisse Le noir est une couleur; original woodblock print of abstract woman figure from the printable studio; Sisterhood I by emma cutrie from spacey studios; Gelson Radaelli; le drape rose oil on canvas by pierre boncompain from the franklin bowles gallery; Sensual Back painting by Carmen Tyrrell from saatchi gallery; Bob Baker’s Marionettes oil on canvas by Jessalyn Brooks from night palm; Œuvre by Barbara Kroll; this isn’t happiness; kenesha sneed.

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