wear this there: rosetta.
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hanging green plants inside rosetta dining room in mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

every time i see someone galavanting around mexico city i have major FOMO. this place is very high up on my list of must-visits and now that i’ve discovered rosetta i want to go pronto-like. the food looks extraordinary and the lush, garden ambiance just so inviting. located in a charming old house in the Roma neighborhood, its cuisine is based on a deep respect for the Mexican ingredient — their Ravioles de ricotta, limón amarillo y tomillo limón are calling my name! everything on the menu sounds mouthwatering and lucky for us, they even have a beautiful cookbook! we’re going casual this time around, with a sweet gingham dress, a classic denim jacket in case the evenings get cool, and to dress it up a bit, a pretty print wrap with fringe and some sexy slides. i need to learn more about where to wander here, so i suggest we check out a copy of Wallpaper*’s City Guide Mexico City.

indoor tree and hanging plants inside rosetta restaurant in mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: rosetta, mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: anthropologie Greta Gingham Dress; j.crew Classic denim jacket; A Peace Treaty Vagos Silk Bandana in Green; Paloma Wool Vino Drop Earrings in Dark Green; j.crew RAEN® Optics Figurative sunglasses; read this there: Wallpaper* City Guide Mexico City; Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm Tube; BY FAR Virgo Suede Slide in Green; clare v Half Zip Wallet; Louisa Woven Mini Tote Bag.

hanging greenery and lighting inside rosetta, mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring plant-filled dining room of rosetta in mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

floral wall mural in rosetta dining room. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring dining room of rosetta restaurant in mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

plants outside rosetta restaurant in mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

floral inspired interior of rosetta restaurant, mexico city. / sfgirlbybay

inside mexico city's rosetta restaurant. / sfgirlbybay

ornate molding in dining room of rosetta. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. We stayed in Roma Norte in an airbnb nearby Rosetta. We passed by several times on our way to less expensive dinners, but I looked longingly inside. We loved por sempre vegano on Manzanillo. I loved breakfast at the Frontera location of the chain Churreria El Moro as well as the vegan breakfasts at Forever Vegano (the art deco building is amazing!) The Saturday flea market at Jardín Ignacio Chavez was surprisingly good. CDMX is a fabulous travel destination, we walked 75 miles in 6 days, we called them taco steps! more steps, more tacos!

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