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former american apparel factory near the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to check out the ROW DTLA except that i sometimes realize that i really need to get out more! i had a friend in town this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to take her there on sunday and finally get to see what all the buzz was about. it was a beautiful day out, and since the ROW is an indoor/outdoor space near the arts district it was ideal for wandering and checking out all the indie boutiques and cafes.

the shops at the row downtown los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

originally known as L.A.’s Terminal Market, ROW DTLA was built from 1917 to 1923 along the Southern Pacific Railroad, and continues to be a major hub for the distribution of produce across the region — its history is quite interesting, and i love that these beautiful old warehouse-like buildings have been revitalized into something special for the L.A. community and to celebrate the city’s cultural, culinary, and creative essence. there are all kinds of inspiring happenings: workshops, fitness, pop-ups, festivals and food trucks — so check their events calendar here. in the meantime — here’s a few of my personal favorite spots around the ROW!

red arched dressing rooms at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

myrtle store at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

i was so very pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite echo park shops Myrtle had moved to the ROW. i’d missed them in the neighborhood, so it was lovely to stumble upon their beautiful new shop with that epic arched dressing room! a boutique that focuses on women’s fashion by independent female designers, both local and international, Myrtle is the go-to destination for the creative, thoughtful, fun and savvy dresser to shop quality and very creative clothing and accessories.

ceramic light and women's shoes on display in store at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

orange dressing room curtains at LCD the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

next up, another indie clothing and accessories boutique for women, LCD. i loved the vibe in here too with a very friendly staff and those killer floor to ceiling draperies and a very comfy retro-looking corduroy sofa! LCD features a great collection of work from emerging fashion designers, so if you’re on the hunt for something uniquely you, look no further. oh, and they also have an abbot kinney venice location if you find yourself on the westside.

hawkins new york store at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

hawkins ny store downtown los angeles at the row. / sfgirlbybay

greenhouse inside store with plants and pots for sale at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

one of the best things about ROW is finding some of my favorite online homewares shops have opened up brick and mortar shops here — like hawkins new york! i’ve loved this shop from afar and shopped online with them a lot, so i did a little happy dance to find hawkins new york right here in L.A. and what a beautiful shop it is, too. and now thanks to their incredible display work, i’d like a greenhouse of my very own, please. be sure and stop in here if you’re in the mood for redecorating, or simply looking for a gorgeous gift.

erica tanov store at the row dtla. / sfgirlbybay

erica tanov store downtown los angeles at the row. / sfgirlbybay

and yet another of my personal favorites (all the way back from my san francisco days) is erica tanov, and boy am i pleased to have her so close to home here in los angeles. both erica tanov’s women’s wear collections and homeware collections are stunning, and the shop really reflects the eclectic bohemian vibe, and the serenity she creates around her work. i love her aesthetic and feel a strong sisterhood to it, so i’m really glad i can now stop by any time i like for a bit of inspiration.

vintage sofa and women's slip ons at oak downtown los angeles at the row. / sfgirlbybay

and now for a new favorite! we wandered in oak new york apparel because we wanted a better look at this crazy clear vinyl-covered sofa (what i would call ‘celebratory decay’) and discovered a unisex clothing shop extraordinaire. i found a pair of très chic cropped black pants and a coordinating black top (at 40% off!) and cannot to wear them around france on my upcoming trip. they feel very Japanese-kenzo-cool as does much of their collection, so do stop by for a look at their clothing as well as that killer couch!

inspiring sights and products for sale downtown los angeles at the row. / sfgirlbybay

and lastly, san francisco’s beloved bakery tartine has opened it’s seasonal restaurant Manufactory at the ROW, so we popped in there first and grabbed a little picnic lunch from their smørrebrods to eat outside. they’ve got some beautiful cooking gear and packaged specialty foods — oh, and they’ll also validate your parking (as do many of the shops) but, hurrah the first two hrs are free. i can’t wait to go back and explore some more. there’s so much more creativity and inspiration to come because it’s not yet even completely full of shops and restaurants so i’m excited to see how the ROW grows and expands.

no parking sign dtla at the row. / sfgirlbybay

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