on trend: make mine green.
by victoria comment


green artwork and green houseplants in dining room. / sfgirlbybay

as i mentioned recently, i’ve been seeing a lot of green around the internet, and i don’t exactly mean envy, but many of these looks are indeed quite enviable. i just mean shades of green seem to be on trend lately, and i can see why — green can evoke passion and can be strangely exotic, but it’s also so fresh, lively and bold. add a dash of green to your interiors, whether it be the real thing, like some lovely houseplants, or a beautiful painting or piece of green upholstered furniture and it literally brings a room to life. green is a color that’s timeless, and then again, right on trend.

green upholstered chair. / sfgirlbybay

modern green art print over small vintage desk. / sfgirlbybay

mismatched vintage dining chairs. / sfgirlbybay

green linen table runner. / sfgirlbybay

green landscape painting. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring green home decor. / sfgirlbybay

studio with oversized green houseplant. / sfgirlbybay

plywood stairwell with green houseplants. / sfgirlbybay

green velvet throw pillow and houseplants. / sfgirlbybay

green houseplants in terracotta pots. / sfgirlbybay

green upholstered furniture. / sfgirlbybay

sunroom with green houseplants and white linen daybed. / sfgirlbybay

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4 responses to “on trend: make mine green.”

  1. I have quite a few shades off greens in my new house. The terrazzo floors have patterns in green, the front of the house is tiled in beautiful green tiles too, so I am enjoying decorating the house with greens, natural linens and terracota colours.

  2. Hi Victoria, I saw a post a few months back that was a color story on grays and corals and oranges together and I was going to use it as room inspiration, but I can not find it anymore and I am driving myself crazy searching for it!! It wasn’t the Coral color study…it was very specifically Corals and Grays. Can you help!!? Thank you! Love your blog so much!

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