friday finds.
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european apartment with tall ceilings, mint paint and checkered flooring. / sfgirlbybay

as you may have seen on today’s earlier post, i am headed out on holiday next week. i am headed to sicily for a little belated birthday trip and meeting up with another friend with a big birthday and five other friends from all over the world. to be sure, i can-not-wait, and i’ve been fantasizing the entire scenario before i even leave. i’m like that — are you? you imagine yourself sunkissed and relaxed, looking chic (fingers crossed), doing the most fabulously lazy things. i’ve definitely visualized the whole trip, and this week’s friday finds take you to where my head’s at. we’ll be posting while i’m away and of course, be Instagramming the trip so if that doesn’t give you too much of the dreaded FOMO, do follow along! see you back here live and in person soon! until then, ciao!

xo, victoria

  1. we’ve booked all our stays on airbnb and found some wonderful old villas in palermo. think tall ceilings and checked tiled floors like this home. and when you split the cost, they’re the oh so very affordable way to stay!
  2. there is so much good design in italy (more beautiful floors, yes please) and i plan on soaking it all in. lots of exploring ancient italian architecture and old charming neighborhoods.
  3. we’re planning on lots of long leisurely cafe lunches full of fresh and local foods, like this pretty prosciutto & melon dish photographed so beautifully by lauren bramford. can’t you just taste it?
  4. lots of farmer and flea market shopping will be happening, too, of course. i’ll i need is a cute little bamboo market trolley like this one we have in the shop (if only it fit in my suitcase) and i’ll be good to shop for hours and hours. well, at least until siesta time.
  5. all of our airbnb’s have really charming guest rooms like this pretty one decorated very simply, but with such beautiful, elegant style. design inspiration abounds!
  6. our airbnb in Castellammare del Golfo has never-ending ocean views and an infinity pool so i expect to be seeing an image like this on constant repeat and i doubt i will ever tire of it!
  7. this little getaway spot shared by @teapotgr is in greece, but it has all the feel-good vacation vibes i’m hoping for, too. so very charming!
  8. cheerful colorful villas like this one photographed by robert polidori are everywhere in italy and i plan to find every single one they’ll allow me to see! this trip is all about seeing new things with a fresh eye and bringing back inspiration, and i can’t wait to share with all of you!

inspiring checkered flooring. / sfgirlbybay

prosciutto & melon dish photographed by lauren bramford. / sfgirlbybay

bamboo rolling basket cart via super marche. / sfgirlbybay

beachy bedroom with woven tote bag hung on wall / sfgirlbybay

ocean view through flowers. / sfgirlbybay

greece vacation home shared by @teapotgr on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

cheerful colorful villa photographed by robert polidori. / sfgirlbybay

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