wear this there: sicily.
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plaza with fountain in sicily. / sfgirlbybay

for this week’s wear this there, i’m turning the tables a little bit and asking for your travel tips on Sicily! i’m headed to palermo for a few days, and then to Castellammare del Golfo and i’ve never been to this part of the italy before — the very bottom of the boot! i’m meeting up with six friends from all over the world and we have some amazing airbnb’s lined up — especially this amazing villa in Castellammare del Golfo (the beauty of traveling with six people is splitting the cost of a villa!)! it’s got me just aching to get on that plane and arrive already. i’m headed to france to shop for super marchĂ© after i leave italy, so i’m trying to pack light, which is always a challenge for me especially when i’m going to be traveling for two weeks, but i’m really tryin’! i’m keeping it pretty monochromatic so i can easily mix and match my pieces, and everything is either silky or very lightweight and can easily be rolled up into my suitcase (i find rolling your clothes really helps make more room). here’s a peek at what kinds of ensembles have been inspiring me for the trip and a few things i’m definitely bringing along! don’t forget to share your favorite places to eat, drink, see and shop in Sicily with me! ciao!

monochrome outfit inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, from l to r: ELSA ESTURGIE ATTENTION TOP from the garmentory; cos flared shorts; fly london black wedge sandals; j.crew Classic-fit boy shirt in white cotton poplin; SeaVees® Sorrento striped sand shoe; melissa fleis drift top; OAK CROPPED KARATE PANT in BLACK; toast uk white poplin tunic; Gucci Black Pursuit Pool Slides.

staircase in sicily. / sfgirlbybay

black clothing inspired by sicily. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, from l to r: tiina the store DOSA SUSAN SLIP MIDNIGHT; COS BIAS-CUT APPLIQUE SILK TOP; Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Hip Pack in Black Light; NEED Agent Sunglasses in Smoke Dark; Beklina Voluminoso Tie Hat Black; GANNI Leather Buckle Sandal; j.crew Ruched halter one-piece swimsuit; j.crew Midi skirt with eyelet trim in organic cotton.

cafe in sicily. / sfgirlbybay

boats in port, sicily. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Oh so many things to see….valley of the kings in Agrigento, Taormina has a lovely Greek amphitheater, read any of the mysteries by Andrea Camilleri, all set in Sicily and truly capture the heat and spirit of the place, plus he writes deliciously about food, the arancini are an art form there. You will have an amazing time.

  2. oh gosh. sicily is where my family is from. I have dreamt of going since I was a little girl. I don’t know if it will ever happen, if I will ever be able to make it happen. but I dream about all the time, all the time.

  3. Hey Victoria, I’m going to Sicily for the first time in September. This makes me want to get on the plane already! Your itinerary sounds wonderful. The Egadi islands are nearby (ferry from Trapani) and Segesta and Erice are also not far from your villa. We are also staying in Palermo in an old palazzo I found on airbnb. There’s the beach town of Cefalu which is close to Palermo. I heard there’s a great antiques market in Modica on the last Sunday of the month, though Modica might be a trek. I just bought a novel called The Leopard which is about the old Sicilian aristocracy. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and much inspiration!

  4. All of those clothes will be perfect…like you, pre-hols, I imagine myself so elegant, so relaxed, so…tall…which is odd. Re tips for Sicily: I have been twice, and would very happily go again. It is like Italy but hyped up – intense colours, sights, sounds, smells. The sea is astounding. The sun is mesmerising. The food is wonderful and shows a long history of all the peoples who invaded, settled, left their mark. The coffee is so dark and strong, the ice cream sumptuous. Go for as much seafood as you can but you might want to give the cannoli a miss (once is enough). People are friendly and like good eaters. Above all GET AS MUCH OF THE OLIVE OIL DOWN YOUR NECK AS YOU CAN!!! I found Palermo a bit spooky but worth a visit. Apart from that – forza! Looking forward to all the photos.

  5. Hi, I love your website and feed, such a great eye you have. will you be posting any tips from your Sicily tips? I’m going in September and you’ve got me so excited now. Thanks

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