instagram worthy: @______theo.
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bohemian plant-filled home of @______theo on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

this week’s instagram worthy feed is taking us all the way to berlin. it’s one of the things i love about instagram, that it can instantly take us somewhere else — and then invite us to experience a new culture, or visit a completely different part of the world. meet @______theo, aka Theodora and Interior, travel and lifestyle content creator based in Berlin, germany. theo invites us into her charming plant-filled apartment and then takes us along on her european travels, too. have a gander at theo’s beautiful images and then hop on over and follow her on instagram.

plant and art-filled home of @______theo on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

plant-covered florist exterior in europe. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian plant-filled home of @______theo on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

instagram photography by @______theo. / sfgirlbybay

rattan folding screens as headboard. / sfgirlbybay

plants in instagrammer @______theo's berlin . home. / sfgirlbybay

plants in @______theo's berlin apartment. / sfgirlbybay

balcony in @______theo's berlin apartment . / sfgirlbybay

vintage mirrors and white bedding in @______theo's apartment in berlin. / sfgirlbybay

plant-filled courtyard via @______theo on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

vintage card catalog cabinets in @______theo's berlin apartment. / sfgirlbybay

@______theo's berlin apartment on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

interiors photographed by instagrammer @______theo. / sfgirlbybay

plants on open shelves via @______theo on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

rustic kitchen in @______theo's berlin apartment via instagram. / sfgirlbybay

plant-filled open shelf in @______theo's berlin apartment via instagram. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by @______theo.

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