creating a grand entrance.
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painted white french doors. / sfgirlbybay

sadly, we’re not all blessed with the luxury of these grand arched entrances or epic tall ceilings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t worship them from afar, or try and emulate the look in one way or another. beautiful old doors like these are mostly prominent in europe, or old victorians scattered through the states, but you can also often find them in your local salvage yard, and very inexpensively. when i bought my house, i didn’t care for the rather expected plain, plywood doors, so we went to the nearest salvage yard and bought old, vintage ‘real wood’ doors with beautiful molding (five in all for under $200), repaired them (painted them black!) and installed them and it made a world of difference. i even found glass-paned doors which i love and really add something special to the look of a room. then, add pretty white porcelain (i found mine on amazon) or brass doorknobs and you’re well on your way to creating your own grand entrances!

glass top dining table with mismatched chairs. / sfgirlbybay

double doors in whitewashed european apartment. / sfgirlbybay

arched doorway and ornate moldings in whitewashed apartment. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed interior with ornate molding and pendant light. / sfgirlbybay

interiors with white french doors. / sfgirlbybay

curved walls with white pocket doors. / sfgirlbybay

stained glass paned pocket doors. / sfgirlbybay

eclectic whitewashed loft with glass paned doors. / sfgirlbybay

white double doors with glass and stained glass skylight. / sfgirlbybay

white beamed shiplap ceilings and white pocket doors. / sfgirlbybay

european home with glass paned doors and tall ceilings. / sfgirlbybay

ornate moldings in whitewashed european apartment. / sfgirlbybay

glass paned door with ornate molding. / sfgirlbybay

oversized white double doors in whitewashed apartment with tall ceilings. / sfgirlbybay

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2 responses to “creating a grand entrance.”

  1. So much gorgeousness! Although my place is super small, I would love to place around with some cool glass-paned doors.

    Also, good luck with your move, Victoria!

  2. Beautiful collection of doors! I’m currently looking for a set to match my tiny 1916 home. This gave me some good ideas. Thank you.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes of your next adventure!

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