friday finds.
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large palm frond. / sfgirlbybay

hurrah, another weekend has finally arrived. it’s still warm and sunny here in california, but i wish for the sake of these wildfires it would cool off and start raining. to anyone affected by these tragic fires, my heart is with you, and with these brave firefighters. they continue to run into danger, while the rest run to safety. here’s to better news next week, and in the meantime, here’s some weekend inspiration for you.

xo, victoria

  1. y’all seemed very interested in my found palm frond, and i see i’m not the only one in love with the way nature can brighten up your space (for free — just wait for wind!). i love @jacqui_turk’s photograph, styled by @mrjasongrant — just lovely!
  2. @kawa_heart_studio has the most incredible cottage, and in it are so many charming nooks and niches. this circular arch and those built-in cubbies is just one of them and it’s perfect.
  3. i love seeing this remodel take shape and @houseinhabit’s newly remodeled bathroom is so enviable. they did this all themselves and i am awe-inspired. that ceiling looks like such a dreamy thing to stare up at from that lovely vintage clawfoot tub.
  4. littlegreenshed’s capture of this pretty little corner at Elmley Nature Reserve is so pretty. it makes me want to hunt down some of these oversized white clay jugs next time we’re searching for super marché in france.
  5. this outdoor coffee table on wheels looks just dreamy. i’ve seen these DIY pallet tables made before, but i’ve never seen them painted whitewashed and i love it.
  6. this pretty desk setup makes me swoon. the curved legs of the table are gorgeous, and the sculpture is stunning. not to mention those beautiful ornate mouldings on the ceilings.
  7. i love built-in shelving but it’s recessed built-in shelves that really get me inspired. these ones are so pretty, and styled quite minimally but really beautifully. less can always be more.
  8. this outdoor patio is so inviting — i love the low, comfy looking outdoor sofas, area rug and especially admire that keep-you-warm-and-cozy outdoor fireplace for chilly nights. bravo on a design well done!

unique arched doorway and built-in cubbies. / sfgirlbybay

white clawfoot tub with natural stone floors. / sfgirlbybay

oversized clay jug. / sfgirlbybay

diy pallet coffee table on casters. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring wood table with potted tree and sculpture. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring green velvet vintage chair. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring outdoor patio design and decor. / sfgirlbybay

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