friday finds.
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homewares shop, taller silvestre, photographed by coke bartrina located in madrid, spain. / sfgirlbybay

happy friday, everyone! i hope you’ve got some fun weekend plans! i’m excited because i have a house guest, which means i get to show her around beautiful laguna. it’s laurie, founder of elsie green, my partner in super marché so it’s always so inspiring to get together with her and brainstorm new ideas. this week’s friday finds have me inspired too, so i hope some of them rub off on you as well. have a beautiful saturday and sunday — the very best days of the week!

xo, victoria

  1. i love everything about this beautifully tiled space — it’s taller silvestre photographed by coke bartrina, a charming homewares shop in madrid, spain. if you’re not traveling there any time soon, you can shop online, but i’m putting this beautiful place on my must-visit list.
  2. how pretty is this incredible bespoke lighting fixture photographed by nicole franzen? i’d love to create something like this for myself. it’s probably beyond my diy skillset, but a girl can dream.
  3. this is such an inspiring and eclectic living room from the line nyc. it’s not an actual living room, though but instead the interior of their beautiful new york showroom which they continuously change up.
  4. i love the mood of this wallpapered room and these gorgeous vintage wall sconces from nomibis, an online antique shop in reims, france — definitely a shop after my own heart!
  5. these are the most fabulous chairs. one could even say they are ‘totally tubular, man’. sorry i couldn’t resist, but i do love a grand vintage chair!
  6. this is such a pretty little dining nook. i have a big crush on those gorgeous vintage italian mirrors and the rattan bistro chairs are perfectly charming. throw in that beautiful wall color and it’s perfect.
  7. i’m a sucker for any kind of glass cabinets and these charming kitchen shelves are perfect. again, i love the color they’ve painted the inside of the cabinets and the way they make this vintage collection pop is really lovely, too.
  8. i really love @doitbutdoitnow’s eclectic kitchen with its dried eucalyptus branch hanging front and center and those pretty paper lampshades, too. the shelving is really great, too. functional but oh-so-charming.

bespoke lighting fixture photographed by nicole franzen. / sfgirlbybay

eclectic living room designed for the line nyc showroom. / sfgirlbybay

room with wallpaper and vintage wall sconces from nomibis antique shop in france. / sfgirlbybay

leather and chrome vintage chairs in eclectic modern living room. / sfgirlbybay

charming dining nook with vintage rattan bistro chairs and collection of vintage italian mirrors. / sfgirlbybay

white and glass cabinets with painted insides and vintage collection inside. / sfgirlbybay

@doitbutdoitnow's eclectic kitchen with dried eucalyptus. / sfgirlbybay

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