friday finds.
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ceramic Buddha in copenhagen home. / sfgirlbybay

welcome to the weekend, at long last. what a week, huh? but let’s not bother our pretty little heads with all that right now. let’s look at some inspiring if not very neutral spaces i’ve rounded up for this week’s friday finds. they may be monochromatic, but i think anything but boring. i hope you enjoy them and the weekend, too. see you monday!

xo, victoria

  1. i want my very own huge buddha. where i would put this handsome fella is another story since he seems to take up a good share of this charming copenhagen space, but isn’t he just lovely?
  2. i love everything about @kawa_heart_studio’s home in Australia but especially their studio space with its big beautiful window and the tall exposed ceilings. it just looks like the kind of environment where you’d find a lot of inspiration and not resent one second of working.
  3. this archway is one beautiful way to enter a room, is it not? it’s the home of designing duo nate berkus and jeremiah brent, so you know it’s going to be good.
  4. this beautiful room has always been a favorite of mine. it’s spare to be sure, but i think that’s part of its charm — that and the Scandinavian vibes these few pieces of furniture and that low, built-in daybed create. i could lounge here with some good reading material for days, or at least take a very lovely long nap.
  5. erin Hiemstra’s 1850’s victorian restoration in san francisco is nothing short of miraculous and i love all the unique touches she’s decorated with. for example, this custom-upholstered vintage rattan chair is quite covetable.
  6. i enjoy the interesting use of scale in this beautiful space. the smaller side table makes the largeness of the wicker pendant lamp all the more fabulous. that little inset nook in the staircase is a lovely architectural touch, too.
  7. i quite like the juxtaposition of this ornate vintage upholstered headboard paired with this tres modern lamp! a love the vintage black magazine stand used as a bedside table, too. all the different textures look so sophisticated together.
  8. saarinen dining tables are my very favorite, because i love their sleek lines but also for their versatility, too. you can literally pair them with just about any type of dining chair and they look smashing together. i really like this one paired with the rustic stools for a super unexpected but chic look.

whitewashed modern interior of @kawa_heart_studio in Australia. / sfgirlbybay

home of designing duo nate berkus and jeremiah brent with beautiful arched doorway into living room. / sfgirlbybay

beautiful spare living room with Scandinavian vibes and low, built-in daybed. / sfgirlbybay

erin Hiemstra's 1850's victorian restoration in san francisco with custom-upholstered vintage rattan chair. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring whitewashed home with wicker hanging lamp and built-in storage nook under staircase. / sfgirlbybay

ornate vintage upholstered headboard paired with modern lamp on black metal bedside table. / sfgirlbybay

sleek white saarinen dining table paired with rustic wood stools. / sfgirlbybay

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