friday finds.
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pink wall and ceiling paint in vintage modern dining room with marble table and gold wall art. / sfgirlbybay

hello friends. i just want to address for a moment how frightening i know this virus is for all of us, worldwide, and while i am taking it quite seriously, i am also trying to remain optimistically cautious. if you can, as they are asking us to, please stay home. i know this is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. i know this is not a luxury or even close for most people, especially those with kids. i think this is a time for family and friends to bring comfort and calm as best we can, and that we try to share lots of kindness and understanding because everyone reacts to this kind of thing differently and is affected in ways we aren’t always aware of. we’re in this together. i’m going to try and take comfort in simple beauty, good books, quiet and just enjoy old school pleasures. and at least reading blogs is safe, right? be healthy. thinking of all of you. let’s look at some colorful, cheerful spaces today, shall we?

xo, victoria

  1. this is such a pretty pairing of pale pink walls, yellow artwork and a dreamy chocolate brown fireplace mantel. i love how ornate and victorian the room is but with such a modern twist.
  2. elle decor featured this very bold room with — wait for it — hardwood floors painted sunny yellow! but again this pairing with pink somehow works together and doesn’t overwhelm me. i’m not sure if i could live with it long term, but i’d sure like to visit for a while.
  3. i love the look of foraged florals and this beautiful floral arrangement of blushing brides and what look to be palm dates is disheveled in the very best way. i guess we can still get out and forage in nature for beauty like this, so keep your pruning shears at the ready (these small ones are my favorite) for what you find out there.
  4. i love the styling of this little nook by @kate.lavie. that vintage credenza is crazy good and everything is scaled to perfection. a lovely little composition, indeed. while we’re holed up at home, maybe it’s a good time to restyle our own little nooks and nitches.
  5. i just adore the color palette of this vintage ceramic collection. looks like a dreamy Neopolitan cornucopia of pink, brown, yellow and white. i often find great vintage mid-century modern ceramics on etsy if you find yourself on the hunt.
  6. amara paint created this color pairing of a buttery yellow and pale pink and it looks smashing together. i think it adds such an interesting dimension to the space painting the walls two complementary shades.
  7. could you go full on mustard yellow walls? normally i might say no way, but this little bedroom nook looks quite cozy and i love that splash of hot pink in the woven bed throw. bold, but oh so good.
  8. this is a very charming children’s room, and i love the sweet fly to Tokyo poster print which is from fine little day. there are some great, layered textures here — from the shag rug to the heavy draperies and pinstripe duvet. adorable, and yet still quite sophisticated.

bold yellow and pink bedroom with hardwood floors painted sunny yellow, mustard yellow, button tufted mustard yellow headboard and pink bedding and drapery. / sfgirlbybay

foraged floral arrangement of blushing brides and palm dates in ceramic vase. / sfgirlbybay

feminine nook styled and photographed by @kate.lavie. on a vintage gold and black credenza. / sfgirlbybay

colorful collection of ceramic vases and pots. / sfgirlbybay

amara paint color pairing of a buttery yellow and pale pink wall paint. / sfgirlbybay

small bedroom with mustard yellow wall paint and mid-century modern furnishings. / sfgirlbybay

charming kids room with art print by fine little day and pinstriped duvet. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Thank you, Victoria, for the calm and rational thoughts. I hope as this virus moves amongst us that we all try to remember that we are in this together. Best wishes to you and enjoy your beautiful, peaceful home. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thank you, Ardith. I think if we all can stay aware, and stay at home as much as possible (taking Italy’s advice!) we’ll get through this. Hopefully sooner rather than a prolonged quarantine. Stay healthy! :)

  2. Thanks Victoria, for your calm voice of reason in this scary time. Beautiful post and much appreciated. You stay well.

  3. Hi Victoria. I always look to your blog for a little dose of happiness and inspiration. Thanks for continuing on with your blog during this terrible and scary time. I’m older (62) and trying to be mindful of what precautions I should be taking to keep myself healthy. The thing that worries me the most is that two of my young adult kids live right in the heart of Seattle. As a mom, it’s so difficult to hear and see what’s happening there and am powerless to help. The last thing I heard is that the National Guard is being called in. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent and I am working on being calm. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care.

    • I understand, Patricia. I am 60 so I’m in a similar boat here. I wish there weren’t so much contradicting instructions out there, so for now, I’m self-quarantining and staying at home. Be safe, be healthy! xx

  4. Loving the pinks and yellows together. Might have to buy some paint when it is safe to go out again. I am in the high risk category and am definitely staying home for the duration of this crisis.

  5. I have always loved your blog, thank you for bringing beauty and calm at all times, but especially during these- when we need it the most. Biggest thanks and appreciation for introducing me to companies and magazines and places I wouldn’t have known existed.

    • Thanks so much, Julie! I love blogging for you guys, so it’s really nice to hear it brings you some joy, especially during these frightening times. Stay well!

  6. Thank you for your encouraging words. We are starting week 3 of self isolation here in Seattle. I feel so fortunate to be able to work form home, and now my partner is doing the same. I am dusting off my banjo to try to get re-aquainted with it, plus sorting through my fabric stash to start planning a quilt. Old school pleasures indeed. We are buying gift certificates at the small business we frequent and likely will never redeem them..just paying it forward, as we want to see them still in business on the other side of this.

    • Stay healthy, Mims. I’m buying gift certificates from my favorite small businesses as well. A good way to support them in this precarious time.

  7. Hi Victoria,
    Do you have the source for the intro photo? The link takes me to the second photo. Thanks!

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