a good time to get inspired.
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journal collages for design and decor inspiration by blogger victoria smith. / sfgirlbybay

hello, friends! i don’t want to go overboard suggesting what you might like to do while we’re social distancing and staying at home, but i do think there are some things that we can be doing that are fun, good for our soul and will keep us inspired and entertained. i imagine, too, if you’ve got kids at home that it may become even more challenging to carve out time for yourself, when you’re busy caring for them, keeping them safe, and also entertained and educated. but this might be something you can do together. and that’s creating inspirational mood boards or even journals — which is what i do since i don’t have a lot of space like i used to.

magazine clippings glued onto journal pages for inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

regardless of how you choose to create your inspiration, i’ll bet if you’re like me you have stacks and stacks of old magazines wasting away in a pile somewhere, so it’s a great rainy day project of mine to pull images, decorating and fashion ideas and quotes that inspire me from my old magazines and cut and paste them using a glue stick into design journals (see above) — i like to use these sketchbooks because they’re large and have big blank white pages. you can create a wall, a bulletin board or a journal like these of what’s inspiring you, or create a visual mood board of something you’d like to accomplish, a trip you’d like to take, cooking and self-care ideas — the options are pretty endless. and, if you don’t have these tools on hand, there’s always pinterest where you can create a digital mood board. i’ve got tons of public and private boards where i create inspiration for myself every day. here are some my inspirational journals and some other mood board ideas that are inspiring me right now (and I have a pinboard dedicated just to inspiration boards if you’d like to see more!). have fun getting creative!

inspiring images clipped from magazines and glued into journal with blank pages. / sfgirlbybay

feminine mood board on white wall hung above desk with pink peony floral arrangement. / sfgirlbybay

inspiration wall mood board featuring art and magazine clippings in chic home office. / sfgirlbybay

colorful mood board with inspiring magazine clippings and art prints taped to the wall. / sfgirlbybay

vintage modern creative space with collage of black and white photographs on white wall. / sfgirlbybay

inspiration board with magazine clippings over vintage radiator with floral arrangement and candles. / sfgirlbybay

mixed media inspiration board in creative space. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed room with inspiring images neatly taped to the wall. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring art prints and photographs washi taped to home office wall. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed home with inspirational art prints hung on the wall. / sfgirlbybay

colorful collage of art, photographs and magazine clippings. / sfgirlbybay

home office with cork wall mood board of art prints and magazine clippings. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring magazine clippings and photographs taped to the wall. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Thanks, Victoria. Here in Milan we are at week 4 of the Covid horror and while I’m still working (from home) and healthy and grateful for that, I need something creative to do in my spare time. This seems just the right inspo.

    • I’m so glad, Antonella and I’m so sorry to know you’re going through this. I must say the Italians have been most inspiring to me with their community ‘concerts’. :)

      Stay well!

  2. Thank you! I have a huge stack of vt wonen magazines, too. Although my 2 year old doesn‘t want to spent hours tearing some pages apart it is still something fun we can do together ;))

  3. The good old radiators.They dont product them anymore in my country…It was more efficient to heat and conserve the heat longtime.

  4. A woman after my own heart! Yes, I have stacks and stacks of shelter magazines and though I don’t have a scrapbook, I do have a file folder which are full of torn magazine pages. So inspiring.

  5. I’m here in little St Helens OR where we have had several amazing bucolic sunny days, so am able to work in the yard. At 70 yrs old, I’m so grateful for my health, family, home and neighbors. Thanks for the inspiration !

  6. Thank you Victoria! As an old school designer I have files & files of design ‘tear sheets’, they are beautiful & inspirational. These books are a fab way to keep them at hand and save space. Best regards.

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