friday finds.
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dining area with hardwood floors painted green. / sfgirlbybay

i thought for this week’s friday finds you might be in need of something bright and cheerful, as well as perhaps a few ideas for keeping you busy whilst we while away these long days at home. it’s hard not to look around the house and not see some room for improvement here and there, am i right? so i’ve got a few simple ideas for you (and one not so simple) and maybe a new hobby for you, too. hang in there, my friends, and let’s hope i don’t have to keep referencing our lockdown too much longer.

xo, victoria

  1. so, this is the difficult project i mentioned above. could you take on this challenge and paint your hardwood floors a dreamy shade of green? i’ve always wanted to paint hardwood floors white and been daunted by that task, but green – i just don’t know! but i gotta say, these look absolutely fresh and quite fabulous!
  2. okay, here’s a simple change you can make around the house without a doubt: change up your area rugs. if you’d like to add a splash of color for spring, it’s as easy as adding a pretty striped rug. all sorts of rugs are available online — i love lulu & georgia, the citizenry and anthropologie for some good ones.
  3. another easy way to add a unique dash of color to your home is by adding a bold chair here and there. use them to stack books, as a mix and match look around your dining room table, or simply jazz up an entryway or hallway like this sweet green eames chair. simple but stylish!
  4. i discovered this fabulous guest room on miss moss. it’s very charming a room (love the green trimmed window panes) at La Grenadine, a chic boutique hotel in cape town, south africa — somewhere i’ve always wanted to visit. another special spot to put on our lists when we’re able to travel freely again.
  5. stylist Sibella court’s online shop the society inc. has some uniquely beautiful treasures, including her paper lanterns and is another small shop that i like to support. plus she carries gorgeous items for your home you can’t just find anywhere.
  6. a great resource for traveling is also @theshopkeepers on instagram. they share an abundance of adorable shops in cities all over the world like this charmer, Espateria in San Jose, Granada, Spain. i like to bookmark them in my instagram collections to keep track of ones i’d like to visit, or pin them to my pinterest travel boards.
  7. are you keeping a corona journal? i’ve read in a few places, including this article in the new york times that it’s a good way to organize your thoughts during these difficult times and it may help future generations. it doesn’t have to be just writing, and i love mixed media artist @alayne_spafford’s sketchbook journal. collaging is a very therapeutic way to get creative.
  8. i’ve taken that idea one step further and i’m painting in a watercolor journal as you may have seen on instagram. it’s nothing fancy, but it makes me feel better and is very relaxing. you could take your painting to canvas, too. i love this painting by artist anne-sophie tschiegg. i’ve added all the painting tools i ordered on amazon to my online shop there for your easy reference if this strikes your fancy.

whitewashed modern home with green painted hardwood floors. / sfgirlbybay

whitewashed bathroom with colorful striped area rug. / sfgirlbybay

green vintage eames chair in hallway with white painted wood floors. / sfgirlbybay

charming vintage-inspired guest room at La Grenadine, a chic boutique hotel in cape town, south africa. / sfgirlbybay

large paper lanterns via stylist Sibella court's online shop the society inc. / sfgirlbybay

shop exterior of Espateria in San Jose, Granada, Spain via @theshopkeepers on instagram. / sfgirlbybay

mixed media artist @alayne_spafford's sketchbook journal. / sfgirlbybay

painting by artist anne-sophie tschiegg. / sfgirlbybay

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